August 13th, 2013

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naproxen is a wonder drug

i got some for my rib when i cracked it and it worked so well that i had some left over. i was eating tylenol like candy for my tooth and it wasn't helping. i held an ice pack on my face to get the swelling down, and finally figured why not take a naproxen to get the swelling down? so i did. and a half an hour later, i had no pain. without narcotics. yes!

nothing dead to report today. doc said that evie winged a pigeon, he saved it from her. but no actual corpses. felix has been in all day, so i expect he'll go out tonight and kill something. the other day, i watched vader jump straight up and pluck a bird out of the air. it was the most amazing thing i've seen live. where our backyard was once covered with ivy, it is now covered with bird down. i swear, it's the killing fields out there.

i haven't gone on that writing binge yet, but i feel it coming on. i've been playing with some phrases and verses in my mind. playing the word game with myself. that's how i know it's coming. coincidentally, that is also how i know i'm really stoned. i just need some inspiration. i'm relying on Bukowski to do that. i also have a couple of other authors to look up.

so i have to decide whether i'm going to go to the dentist. i can go to the one i've been going to and at least get a script for anti-biotics. then find another dentist to do the inevitable root canal and crown. the guy i've been going to has messed up my mouth. his work is falling apart. my mouth is in worse shape than when i started going to him 4 years ago.

kelli goes on vacation next week. i'm already looking forward to her next vacation. it is going to be here. we'll have so much fun. we didn't have much last time she was here because i was too drugged up to be any fun. not this time. we're going everywhere this time. we did half the touristy things last time, we have to do the other half this time. go up in the Statosphere and view the strip, hit the pub at Caesar's. all kinds of stuff we can do.

well, the time has come to get doc up for the night. i'm looking forward to sleeping tonight, after not sleeping at all last night because of my tooth. stupid tooth.