August 10th, 2013

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another friday night

one hour until there is nothing good on tv until 3. major is reminding me that i have him to keep me company. in his quiet voice that he uses when doc is asleep on the couch, as he is now.

i took chewy for a walk, it was quick. he went potties really fast, i guess he really had to go. now he is passed out again next to me, making sure to touch me as much as possible. drives me nuts. major does it, as well. on the other side of me. so i'm usually boxed in on this big couch by two of the most affectionate animals i've ever been the guardian of. needy motherfuckers, is more like it. i love them. i've learned to shut major up when nothing else will is to hug him. he loves being hugged.

felix killed a mouse last night. for all i know it was the mouse that got away last night earlier. then there was this big fat black pigeon in the yard and once i figured out it couldn't fly, i picked it up and carried it to the fence and put it through. it ran off. for all i know it was one of felix's victims. it didn't have any outward wounds, it just couldn't fly. it didn't try very hard, either. if the cats wouldn't have killed it, it would have been nice to keep around the yard. i've never seen such a huge black pigeon before. the only color it had was a yellow beak and purple legs and feet.

i looked over on my shoulder the other night and there was a small praying mantis there. doc and i took him outside, but i've been seeing a lot of them. it is supposed to be good fortune on your home.

time to stop writing for a while, Keith Olberman is going to be on Craig Ferguson next. and i have to cut my fucking nails before i even attempt typing again.