August 7th, 2013

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mousie mousie mousie

felix brought home a mouse last night, and of course the Trinity played with it for a while. then they let it go and all came in. it waited a few minutes and then took off. lucky mouse.

i have added pat benatar, kate bush and golden earring to my play list flash drive. 485 songs. more than i can possibly listen to. enough that i never have to hear the same one twice. i added a bunch of madonna the other day, and abba. i'm really going nuts with this. imagine my surprise when i found three songs by Golden Earring that i liked, i thought there was only the one.

i want to go to sleep, but the alarm is going to go off in 45 minutes, so it hardly seems worth it. i think i'll go out and chain smoke. maybe hookah? no, too much involved. i already have cigarettes stuffed and waiting for me to smoke. and i should probably take a cold shower and wake the fuck up.

i talked to kelli today. she goes on vacation soon. her next vacation after this one, she's coming here. yay! i'd rather go to the beach than come here, so i get where she's at. i'd go to the jersey shore in a second if i had the chance. but ten she's coming here near the end of the year. or the beginning of next year. soon. within months. yes!

okay, i'm dozing off instead of watching Broadchurch, time to go take that cold shower.

have a nice night!