August 2nd, 2013

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to the people who can function on Seroquel, all power to you. because i can barely keep it together to pee on this stuff. how did i deal with this for years? i got great sleep, though. great sleep. i didn't wake up until almost 1am. and it was still light when i went to bed.

i have big-time mommy issues. i never should have let her friend me on facebook. she adopts a dog that looks like chewy three days after i do. then she posts pictures of her and my dad in disneyland, where she never posts pictures. she got this account just to torture me. and karlee has unfriended me on facebook, i suppose because i friended my parents. the whole family is so fucked. no wonder i'm a fucking mess.

we are out of cat food. completely out. the cats are driving me crazy. doc gets paid tomorrow, so we can get more. syzane left us so fucked. a $300 power bill, among other things. her whole time here drained us financially. rent is covered, i can live without cable for a while. as long as rent is covered. the cat food thing pisses me off. we NEVER run out of money. i'm going to go open a can of tuna and mix in some hard boiled egg for the cats. that will hold them over, though it is awfully rich for them.

chewy has revealed a disgusting habit of eating cat puke. charming. we've almost got him broken of the crotch licking and he surprises us with this. magic.
2013, cyd, new

help with Coppermine?

the Tech Fairy struck again. after a pleasant exchange with the FedEx guy, i got a box of USB extension cabes and flash drives. YAY! THANK YOU Tech Fairy! so the cam will continue to be down for the next hour or so while i hook that up and get it working. it's been down due to laziness, i'm sorry, i had a bad day.

for what it's worth, i got almost 250,000 hits on my website last month. WOW. i do not know where it is coming from, and i don't care. the cam has improved the traffic, but it's the image galleries they really go for. i need to update them, if i can remember how. i'm sure there's an online manual. it's just Coppermine, simple to use. once i figure it out again it will all come back to me. i have recent cam image galleries to put up. and older ones and countless pictures. once i get it, i'm going to be doing it for days.

chewy is curled up on my bra. i took it off to get the ice at my ribs better. i hurt my rib again. i was coughing all night, and then lifted a 40 lb. bag of cat food and poured it into their feeder. ow ow ow ow ow ow ow ow. now he's growling in his sleep. curled up with my bra. i'm going to need that back eventually. i only have the one.

cam is back on! it now reaches outside on the patio, down the hall to the bathroom, and into my room so i can sleep on cam in my room now! 10 meters of cable. *happysigh* this is so cool, because i looked everywhere and couldn't find my extension cable, and it wouldn't have been enough anyway.

i've been searching craigslist and freecycle for monitors. it's just a matter of time, though. and i've worked out the cable so that i can switch computers the monitor is on when i need to.

back to image deleting and sorting. then i'll look for a Coppermine tutorial online and get those suckers uploaded.