July 30th, 2013

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for what it's worth, i'm on cam.

the cam machine is resting right now. i have the laptop cam on because doc is asleep and there's less chance of him picking up the computer and being on it. the only rule for the cam is: keep doc off of it. everything else goes.

i think i have another USB extension cable, i'm going to try to find it and add it to the other cam so i can get it more places in the house. right now i can't get it out of the living room. and i'd like to get it into the bathroom for bathtime and my room for sleep time so i don't have to sleep on the couch to be on cam.

frankly there's just more room for animals on my bed. and since three of them sleep with me now, no matter where i am, i would rather be in bed, where i have room to move.

doc said in my sleep this evening, i freaked out at all the animals on me and sat up and started flailing and moaning. everyone left but chewy, who just doesn't get the "get down" thing yet.

i make some funky faces. i've got cam pictures of complete embarrassment. i'll likely gather them and either post them or make a video out of them.

it's amazing the sense of humor i have about myself now that i didn't ten years ago. i took myself way too seriously. i took everyone else too seriously, too. i'm learning to take everything that is said to me or about me with a grain of salt and a dash of skepticism. i can't believe anyone any more. i have learned that lesson. it isn't this town. maybe it is what this town does to people, i don't know. nothing has happened to doc and i. we haven't become raving lying lunatics.

the temptation is there. doc's life is so secretive that it would be easy to be anyone. but he's not, he's just doc. that's enough. it's too much for some people. there are those that can't handle the secrets, they want to know everything, be it truth or not. doc just isn't like that. he is the opposite of me. the only people who really know doc are you guys and you get a skewed view because you only get my side of the story. i reveal more about him than he does. luckily none of our friends are particularly computer literate. it would be so easy to find me. i don't hide. all you have to do is get the combination lock that is the spelling of my name.