July 29th, 2013

2013, cyd, new

53 songs

i made myself a pair of earrings today. i liked them so much i made a similar pair to sell. then i made another pair to sell, then i made a necklace. to sell, not for myself.

felix hasn't brought me any dead animals lately. he brought me a baby lizard with a leaf wrapped around its front legs. he let me take it from him and doc took the leaf off and we set him free on the lizard wall with a handful of meal worms for his new family.

chewy is doing well. he is kind of taking to his new toy, it will be a while, i think. but we keep putting it in front of him. his walks are getting longer. we're almost up to two blocks. the rule is, he walks until he poops. if he's really tired, i will sometimes carry him part of the way home. no, he's not spoiled. most of my neighbors have at this point seen me picking up the poop in the doggie poopie bags. so everyone is really friendly.

i had a duh month. i've been editing the 2,000-some cam pics per day on the old computer the cam is on. and it takes forever to do. it finally occurred to me today the marvelous invention of flash drives, so i moved all the unedited folders onto one of those. dealing with them on the laptop is much easier. and i can see them better. i will work on improving the quality of the night time pictures. we got a new lamp, not one from a thrift store, either, so there will be more light in here at night. that will mainly affect the cat cam time. the cam will be on later tonight. i'm still transferring files over to Blue Max. the cam slows down the computer too much.

i found my 53 song mp3 player and decided it isn't enough. i want to wear it on my walks with chewy. so i'll be pricing out mp3 players, i don't want something fancy or "i" related. and it doesn't have to be that big. like i said, the one i have holds 53 songs.