July 26th, 2013

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fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck

the stupid dog ran away. i went all through the neighborhood and i couldn't find him. now i'm stuck home waiting for the a/c guys. stupid dog. i walked all the way down to the park and up and down all the streets in our circle. he is in so much trouble when he gets home. i was just about to take him for a walk. i opened the door for evie to get in and he got out and ran for the gate. by the time i got back inside, got my shoes on and wrestled with the back gate lock, he was gone. i am most displeased. how am i going to get my dog back? i guess i just hope he comes back on his own again and if he doesn't, go back out searching once the a/c guys leave.

edit: stupid dog came back on his own, he's in bed now