July 25th, 2013

2013, cyd, new

i wanna make jewelry

it occurred to me last night that i have made all this jewelry, and given or sold cheap the best pieces to friends, i never made anything for myself. except the two pair of earrings i made last month. and i have some beads i really like. so i'm going to make myself some jewelry.

we discovered today that Major likes honey ham. doc got him to eat out of his hand. this is a big step. see, Major was traumatized by the ride home on the scooter in the box. and associates doc with that. so he won't get near him. so i'm doing everything i can to get Major to trust doc, the liking will come later.

like with simon. the trust took a year. doc finally now has simon's trust. and simon is starting to like doc. doc gives him treats and fuzzles his ears. what's for simon not to like?

three of my books are going out of print. "Stop Poking Me, Lady", "The Virgin Poet", and "Unused Shorts". soon. like in a couple of weeks. if you are interested in getting any of them, let me know and i will send you a 40% off promotional code. i'll reprint them in the future, but for now they are not a priority with me. they need to be reformatted and messed with and such and i'm not in the mood to look at any of my stuff. i wanna make jewelry.