July 24th, 2013

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something goes here

i had something weighing on my mind, but it has resolved itself. so why don't i feel relieved? i guess that will come.

once again i have betting remorse. i knew that royal kid's name was going to be george, i should have put $20 on it. oh well.

doc is talking in his sleep and chewy is whining in his. i'm glad chewy went to sleep. i was late feeding him, which put him in a bad mood, and then he wouldn't stop playing chompy with me while i tried to pet him. chompy is fine sometimes, but i don't always want to be chewed and slobbered on. for such a mellow dog, chewy certainly is headstrong. he knows the word "no", he just chooses not to listen to it sometimes.

he has started this new thing on our walks. on the way home, he just stops and sits. seems he needs to work out more, as well.