July 22nd, 2013

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windows live update is trying to eat my laptop

i somehow left updates on when i reinstalled windows 7 on here. so far it's fried a couple of programs. skype was one of them, but i don't use that so i'm not upset about it.

simon has taken to guarding the wet food for two hours before he will let anyone eat. so i feed them at 8 and he doesn't get down until 10. and he eats very little himself while he's up there. it starts some arguments, but that's why we have chewy the cat fight cop. whenever there's an argument, chewy jumps in the face of the aggressor and stops the fight. he's gotten a little beaten up himself, but he seems to have worked out self defense.

doc has GOT to get a bed. i can't stand being quiet out here all fucking evening. i wanna make noise and play with the dog. he sleeps to much, he's not a damn cat. doc doesn't sleep enough because he sleeps out here on the couch where there is noise. plus he's become like me and can only sleep a few hours at a time. how he gets through a work night is a mystery to me.

time to wake up the dog and move simon. it's really not fair of him to sit up there like that.