July 21st, 2013

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time to watch Buffy

after calling everywhere in the valley yesterday, and coming up empty with a place that would take the dove in, doc came up with a solution today. let nature take it's course. he put the box out near some bushes, locked the cats inside and disappeared for a half an hour, to see what would happen. the bird got out of the box and left. we don't know where it went. not the greatest solution, felix will likely bring it back home dead at a later date.

the bird people seemed very put out that we let our cats out to roam and they hunt. not a lot of cat people in that crowd. it's a choice we make. i've always had cats that hunted. i'm just not used to dealing with so much carnage, my other cats, including vader, were killers, they were good. felix seems to have problems with finishing the deal. and that's where we run into survivors. don't even wonder how many maimed lizards are out there thanks to felix.

in case you don't know, there is a Buffy the Vampire Slayer marathon on Syfy. the show, not the movie. gives me something to watch until NCIS comes on at 3. doc is thrilled. or not.

there was another storm last night. the cam stays off until the lightning leaves the area tomorrow. i have the machine it's on on a surge protector but i don't trust it. oh, and the monitor issue, i borrowed the monitor from computer2. so i still need to replace the one, but i have something to run the cam for now. i just can't risk a surge on that machine, it is strung together with handi-tack and good wishes and a lot of chanting naked under the full moon. and i've kept that thing going for 12 years now. the video card is upgraded and there is only one USB port and no DVD drive. but dammit, i've had it apart and back together a million times and it keeps taking my shit. the monitor on it is 20 years old almost. yeah, that needs to go back onto computer2.

i'm waiting for the storm to start. i could check the weather channel, but instead i'm using felix as a barometer. he's home, he went out and didn't leave the patio. there is a storm coming. he got caught out in last night's monsoon. i let him in, all soggy, and dried him off, which he hated. now he's staying home, smart kitty.

nothing more to say, time to watch Buffy.

have a good rest of the weekend.