July 16th, 2013

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i downloaded a bunch of 80s music and added to my flash drive o' music tonight. i also downloaded some disney movies so i have something to watch tomorrow when tv sucks.

simon isn't spending any time out of the room or the spare room any more. he hates the dog. he's afraid of it. chewy chases him, which we discourage emphatically. but he is coming out to eat and bully the other cats, so he's not sick or anything, just avoiding the dog.

we have a dog, heh. i just took him for his night walk. he went potties. everywhere he could. i thought he was leading me to the park but when we got to the intersection, he went the opposite way. it didn't take long for him to do what he needed to. doc said we were gone 15 minutes. i love walking chewy. the way he enthusiastically leads me to his goal, and then loyally follows me home.