July 12th, 2013

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i finished reading Kathy Acker's "Blood and Guts in High School". i didn't like the poetry in it, except the piece at the end. i don't know if she even understood it when she wrote it. i will read her other books, though.

right now i'm reading Jan Kerouac's "Train Song". she does not share her father's talent for writing. she's good enough. entertaining, but she just seems to leave too much out. which is strange, it's taking me a long time to read this book and it's thin. but i feel like i'm missing chunks of the story. i'm not really enjoying it.

i don't know what i'll go on to next. it all depends on if we get the books out or not.

chewy didn't suck on my hair last night. instead he slept between my legs so simon could have his spot. it was fun until around this morning when chewy rolled over and over in the blanket and took it off of me. he completely rolled himself up in it. simon was quite put out.

i'm thinking of writing a novel. not the next great american novel, just a novel. the people i've been reading speak plainly and don't lose themselves in the prose. i can do that. but can i think of characters and plot and dialogue? that's the challenge. i have some software that helps you lay out a story and put it together, maybe i'll play with that. or maybe i'll just start writing. i'm ditching the book i wrote a few years ago. the autobiography. i'm just over it and i can't think of how i can fix it. maybe i'll drag it out in a few years and look at it again, but it holds no appeal to me now.

almost time for the news.

chewy is patrolling the house with vader. good dog. good cat. chewy and evie are so cute together. she nurfles him with her face and he falls over in a foomp, showing her his belly. then she foomps and they roll around on the floor together. i almost fainted from the adorable. chewy is so small, everything he does is cute. he's like freddie, a perpetual puppy looking dog. like she's a perpetual kitten looking cat.

simon is slowly starting to come out while chewy is out. mostly i just take simon in a room and close the door on chewy to spend time with simon, but i want him to come out. today he sat on the couch with me and chewy and major.

which reminds me of major, our newest feline addition, it's been too long since an update. he's another one with some kind of male human trauma, so i'm slowly getting him used to being pet by both of us. he still meows constantly. he sleeps out here in the living room, under the comfy chair. he now knows his name and comes to "fuzzle hands". he's gotten used to to the feeding arrangement, even joins felix and bagira and evie in the evening wet food chorus every evening. it's so cool. they join together on the rug and watch me and meow at me. the only bad thing about it is doc is usually asleep, and it wakes him up.

doc and i talked and things are better here. i can't stop loving him. but i can change many things about the way i behave with him. i'm tired of the unrequited love scene. never have things gotten so bad, and it will take a while to get over it. but i will. but things are different here now. though i still can't bring myself to kick the couch to wake him up. though i should.