July 7th, 2013

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and try not to sleep

chewy is curled up with doc right now, they are both asleep, but only one is snoring.

part of me wants to nap, the other part wants to stay up and do something. i just don't know what. i can't clean, that makes noise. i could make some jewelry. or i could write. i haven't done that in days. no poems in over a week.

it's not that i'm not just inspired, i've discovered i can knock one out no problem, writer's block over. i've just been so busy sleeping. doc thinks i sleep all the time, which isn't true. i'm up when he's asleep. i find it hard to sleep when he's asleep. like now, i'm up. and i'm the only one. all the pets are asleep.

i just spent a half an hour with simon, petting him and talking to him. chewy has started sleeping on my legs, so simon has reclaimed his place up by my head. there is peace once again in the bedroom. and simon is getting attention. he's even been going to doc for pets. he's come a long way in the last year. the only thing i'm concerned about are the mattes on his belly. cutting them out is going to be tricky, he's so wild.

i scolded vader for chasing lelu, then noticed that lelu was chasing vader. so i decided to stay out of it.

i keep forgetting to take my meds. i took them today. but not yesterday or, i think, the day before. not good. i may have to put them back on the coffee table to remind me to take them. they've been in my room since psycho slut was here.

i'm about to go on another Stuart Adamson fangirl rant. why did he leave us? such a beautiful voice and poet. Big Country is one of those bands i would make my kids listen to in the SUV, if i had such things. i would drive them insane with it. and 20 years later, they would find themselves craving it. just like my mom did with me and the Carpenters and Carole King. but it was a VW bus, not an SUV.

i've listened to this particular Big Country song 8 times now, mayhaps it is time to move on. The Seer. ahh.

i'm going to go enjoy this music for a while and try not to sleep.