July 6th, 2013

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so if you were to follow my mother on facebook, you would know that they are adopting a Chewy dog. that woman is so petty. i'd be happy for it, but i know what kind of home it's going in to. it will be loved, but the stress of the fights is unbearable. my parent's dogs end up nervous biters.

i've given up on any kind of sleep schedule. i was trying out a 2-7am thing, but that's all shot to hell. i just can't stay awake during the day. no matter what i do to distract myself, it's never enough to stay awake. especially if doc's asleep or on the computer. and when he's home for the weekend, he is either asleep or on the computer.

now that i have everything loaded onto the laptop, software-wise, i don't want to use the other computers. i just want to do everything on the laptop. it IS more convenient, i can hook up blue max to it and have access to all my archives. plus i can sit wherever i want to, i don't have to sit with my back to the room.

i love having a dog. every time i take him for a walk i am filled with joy. last night he led me to the park. clever dog. we've only been there five times. he did, however, pass up the house when we got home. he just kept walking until i stopped him and asked him where we were. he looked around, saw the big ass truck, and headed for the house.

then when we got home we took a shower. i try to give him a shower every day because he has allergies. last night we tried something new, doc's shower, which is a box with closing glass doors. "Puppy in the Box" is the name of the game. he stands there and looks miserable until massage/shampoo time, then he starts to get happy. when he gets out of the shower he gets hyper and runs all over the house and chases cats and barks. it's worth the looks of misery to see him so happy afterward.

we have to get him a ball to play with. i have to take him to the pet store and let him pick out a toy that he will love. so far he has a cat toy he claimed, a rawhide bone and a sock with another cat toy tied in the end of it. none of them thrill him. so we'll let him pick out what kind of toy he wants. that way he'll play with it. hopefully it's not a squeaky toy. or a stuffed animal. i have too many stuffed animals for him to get used to chewing on them.