July 5th, 2013

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on dogs and cats

okay, so slept all day and now it's the middle of the night and i'm wide awake. we'll see how long this lasts.

i downloaded the Princess Bride last night and i think i'll watch that.

i took chewy to the dog park today and he pooped right before we got there. so i picked it up with a poopy bag and we continued on our way. he was running hot anyway, i don't think he'd have had the energy to run around the doggy area. i'm trying to socialize him, but every time i go, the place is empty. once i get a front door key, i'll start taking him in the early morning before it gets hot.

he's got to stop chasing simon. he sees simon so rarely that he goes right after him. simon does not stay and fight. i'm going to have to go into the bedroom and smooth this over with some catnip and treats.
2013, cyd, new

watching CNN

something i always forget about when i hurt myself, the itching. i can handle the pain, it's the reason i do it. but i cannot find sublime pleasure in the itching. which is about to drive me mad.

chewy has eaten and been out to go pottys, which he did not do, and is now passed out next to me. this dog thinks he's a cat. all he does is sleep and clean himself. and he plays with the cat toys. i want to teach him "fetch". i'm working on "shake", but he gets so excited someone is touching him, it's hard for him to focus. i have taught him "on your butt" since he didn't know "sit". and i've all but taught him "bitch, be cool", which means lay down. we've been working on "no". with the chasing of the cats and the getting into the rubbish cans, there is a lot of "no".

meanwhile, freddie's got the sniffles and sneezes. this is the time last year when jack got his respiratory infection. so i'm keeping a close eye on her. so far no signs of a fever or phlegm or other runny things that come out of a cat's face when they are sick.

i want to watch news about egypt and all they have on is the stupid zimmerman trial. yeah. nothing can go wrong with that.

vader is into everything today. he was just trying to squish himself into a ten pound sugar bag, now he's frolicking through the recycling. and somewhere he lost his ding. i noticed as he got out this morning. i went to retrieve him and noticed he was nakey. no collar, no tags, no little bell. so somewhere in this house is his ding and i need to find it today and replace it. i don't like not being able to hear where he is or where he's headed.

even the dog has a bell on. evie is the only one who doesn't have a bell. and she sneaks around to her fullest power. i have to get the dog a louder bell, though, it's too soft. i usually know where he is, or a call of "chew toy" brings him running to me. the craft store should have bells. i can get one for evie and one for the dog. i wanted to use a small cowbell on chewy, but i was voted down. seeing how much he runs around, i kind of get it now. he would be one loud motherfucker.

UPS is using Obamacare as an excuse to fuck with their non-union employees. we had two days notice to quit smoking. if i have independent insurance, i am no longer eligible for his (we don't know yet if this includes medicare, in which case, i am fucked). and all these other changes. doc has the paperwork. i can't bear to look at it. oh, and his tax withholdings went up because of Obamacare, they actually said that. fuckers. they can't fuck with the union workers, so their fucking over all their office staff.