July 1st, 2013

2013, cyd, new

not all about pussy

i finally found a studio version of the pussy poem. made a cheesecake video to go with it. just can't keep my clothes on in the shite i post, i guess. there's no actual nudity in it, though. i picked out pictures where my bits were covered. it's not a perfect recording, and i cut a minute or so of explanation and introduction from it.

i just took Chewy for a walk. hottest part of the day and the dog has to pee. so i walked him up the block and back, he seemed to get it all out of his system. now he's passed out next to doc. doc, who is now trying to play with him. i made a toy out of a sock and a cat toy that rattles. Chewy was playing tug of war with me with the catnip sock earlier, so i figured i'd make him a sock of his own. it will get him beat up less.

i watered the dead bushes outside this morning. Chewy got away from me for a bit, i called and called him and finally he lay down in the middle of the street with his belly up. stupid dog. i should have hosed him off while i had the chance. then we got the mail on the way back in from his walkies.

he has managed to find a way up onto the cat feeding table. he finished their wet food last night. felix was PISSED. outside, felix is Chewy's best friend, but inside they are mortal enemies. and they fight over me. felix won't share the loveseat with Chewy and i like bagira or major will.

we signed and dropped off the lease. so we're here for another year! yay hooray! i promise i'll hang some art this year.