June 30th, 2013

2013, cyd, new

been a busy cydniey

i uploaded a couple of videos to youtube, one is of my nipple piercing, so go see it before they make me take it down http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o-TSNZScHaM. another is of the late Sonia5 putting dreadlocks into my hair.

i also updated the stupid cover picture thing in youtube. i have yet to make a trailer for my channel because i don't know what to say. i've seen a few and they all make me sick.

then i spent the time and worked out the new myspace.com. i uploaded videos and poems and pictures. so i have yet another web presence.

i took the dog to the park today. there was no one there. we had the whole place to ourselves. he was a little intimidated by the whole thing. on the way home, a small dog followed us. so i left food and water out for it. and it can get into the garage if it needs a place to sleep. he loved Chewy and Chewy really liked him. they were both the same size. the stray was grey and white with medium length fur. i have no idea what kind of dog he was.
2013, cyd, new

that reminds me, i lost my lube

doc is getting me a front door key so i can take Chewy for a walk when we first get up. i also take him for walks after i feed the cats for the evening. he knows his driveway now, and turns in when we get home. when we first get home, i make him sit on his butt to take the leash off, then he runs around the house, barking at the cats and chasing vader. then he passes out for four hours.

i updated my front page of my website today. i added a twitpic widget and links to my newly designed youtube and myspace pages. both have the same content. myspace actually has less. my website still has the most spoken poetry. i'll get almost 100,000 hits this month. mainly it's going to the coppermine picture archives, so i'll spend the next couple of days re-learning and updating that.

tonight i am finally going to play with my USB mic and webcam. see if i can't make video blogs. not that i will if i can. i just want to know if i can. i also got a program today that strips the audio out of video. so i can finally strip the audio from the animal videos and start using them. i have a feeling that program will take some learning, but it has a really nice help section.

and i've realized i'm not going to get any help from doc, so tomorrow i'm going to move the furniture and get the printer/scanner hooked up. even if i can't get it to print, the scanning bed is nice and the quality is right up there. i'll get a ew printer eventually, i don't really need one. i can get my poetry printed up at cafepress without publishing a really nice book out of it. i can just get a spiral bound copy that will cost half of kinko's or wherever, even with postage.

the cams were off today because doc was bouncing around from place to place and i couldn't keep up with him to keep the cam off of him. so i gave up. you missed me eating ice cream and pizza. but not at the same time.

i spent some time in my room and found some soft core porn mags in a box in my closet. i took them out and hid them. now the room seems right, it has a stash of bad porn. and my "personal massager" is still in the box. but the box is out for all to see. that reminds me, i lost my lube.