June 29th, 2013

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okay, zen has returned

my touchpad is extra sensitive since the crash and burn and rise of the laptop. mmm. no, really, my bracelets brushing on it set it off. seriously, i'm going to find the controls for it today and fix it. you should see some of the funky shite i've come up with in photoshop because of it, though. all manner of accidental things. if i weren't working primarily with text, i might be a little more amused.

i have to write chewy's story for the shelter today.

that's really all i have to do. i've washed and rebandaged my wounds. what was originally a stripe on my arm is now a wide traumatized wound. it's all quite bruised. i wasn't even aware of how hard i was doing it. i was totally in another space. i felt nothing but the sting. and i thought of nothing but the sting. there was nothing else, no memories, no feelings, no assessment of my living or death. just the sting of the eraser burning.

i didn't take Chewy for a walk last night and he shat in doc's room. but it's not his fault, it's mine. i fell asleep. the cats didn't get their wet food, either. i have to stop that. i'm a mommy.

i've no idea what i'm going to do today.

doc and the guys worked stuff out. but i'm out of it. fuck the lot of them and their bitchy drama. they act like a bunch of girls.

maybe i'll play that facebook solitaire game today for a while. i'm not getting anywhere in it. but i'm making more progress than in candy crush saga. i'm stuck at level 13 which doesn't bode well for my future in the game.

i need to go cut my nails, i can't type.