June 21st, 2013

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there is a very small dog kicking me in the side

i lost Chewy today. he got out under the gate and ran down the street. he was going from house to house, sniffing around. i grabbed my shoes and went out to get him and saw him all the way up the end of the block. so i walked down to get him. about halfway there, he saw me and i called him and he started running spastically toward me. he got to me and jumped around and wagged his tail and ran circles around me while we walked home. i don't know that we'll tell doc about that.

so today i'll take him to the park and let him loose in the dog area to run around. that was the most energy i've seen him expend since i met him. maybe doc will go to the park with us. either way, i'm going. i've been waiting for a dog to use to go out and see the world, now i have the dog . . . time to go out and see the world.

there's a pub crawl in July for the animal foundation that i'm thinking of taking him on. i have to get more details about it, like what time it's taking place and which bars and such.

now Chewy is passed out on the floor. he's had his run and his breakfast and it's nap time. little does he know he'll have to wake up and play with doc in a few minutes.

doc was worried that i would want a dog that wasn't a good fit for the house. i think we got extremely lucky. the size and age were right, but we couldn't know until we got home what a good dog he is.

doc asked if we were done adopting animals now . . . i told him Chewy didn't really count as a dog because he was so small. doc laughed uneasily, the way he does when he doesn't know if i'm kidding and doesn't think it's worth it to find out.

aside from vader, the cats still don't seem to notice the dog. he's small enough he just blends. if only he didn't smell different than them.