June 20th, 2013

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Chewy is home!

we went to the animal shelter, where they were holding Chewy. doc dropped me off at the dog adoption bungalows and went to check the found cats. i waited in line after searching for Chewy for a while and had his place looked up on the computer. i went to go see him after i found out where he was and he was adorable! he was so tiny. and he didn't bark or whine or lick me, just wagged his tail at my tone of voice. just then, doc walked by and i called him in. he liked the look of the dog and went and got a volunteer who put Chewy on a rainbow leash (which we got to keep!) and traded me him for my ID. we waited in another line to register the adoption and the dog was so well behaved the whole time. we got him registered and took him to the final line to pay for him. his fee was $200, since it was a name-your-own-price thing, i paid $50.

i figured that would leave me enough for food and a crate for him. turns out he fits in the cat's crate, so i didn't have to spend money on that and doc got him a leash for $10 off. it's hot pink, but hey. he's eaten, peed, gotten smacked around by vader a couple of times and now he's asleep on the floor at my feet.

the only time he's made a sound is when i had him locked up in the bathroom. his bark is very high pitched and unpleasant, i'm glad he's a quiet dog.

the cats are all cool with him, with the exception of vader. and i'm not sure vader really has a problem, or if he just wants to play.

awwww, he's passed out and dreaming and whining in his dream. so precious.

so he's not a dog so much as a cat that barks and doesn't purr. he's the same size as lelu and vader. so he kind of blends with the crowd. i'm going to put a bell on his collar once he gets one so that the cats identify him as one of their own. they are all interested in his smell.

okay, time to go out and bury the mouse felix brought me earlier. the yard is turning into a vermin cemetary.