June 19th, 2013

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the cam is back on for now. the one on the laptop.

god, i am so sleepy. i've been purely fatigued for the past three days. come to think of it, that's when doc got the new weed. i wonder if the two are connected. i'll stop smoking for a day and see if it lets up. until then, i plan on sleeping whenever the mood strikes me.

the next morning . . .

oh yeah, i was making a post. i forgot and fell asleep and then doc had the laptop while i was awake.

i found the dog i want. he's called Gus. a friend of mine has a son called Gus. it's meant to be. he was featured on the Animal Foundation's facebook site, but i don't think anyone has adopted him yet. he's three years old, loves tennis balls and rides around on your shoulder. he's a terrier mix, looks like a jack russel. hopefully he likes cats.

i plan on spending $100 of my check on him. including his adoption fee, kennel, food and collar and leash, oh, and something to chew on. oh shit his crate is going to be $75. i'll work it out. it's only available online, too. so we'd have to have him out of the crate for a few days anyway. have to get him a collar and leash, i want to take him to the park immediately. there are so many parks around here, but the closest one is the coolest.

doc is worried about the cats. i think things will be fine. i think the principal objector will be felix, but he's never home anyway. simon may have issues with it, but i'll keep an eye on him and maybe make my room off limits to the dog. make it just for major and simon and vader. yes, vader has assumed me as his big, and moved his leggy self into my room. major had a few nasty things to say about it at first, but then they ended up playing for an hour. chasing each other through the house. when i finally found them, they were passed out in my room. simon in the window, major on the bed and vader on the floor.

i have to go look up prices for dog stuff.

have a nice day.
2013, cyd, new

a new pair of earrings and a gus update

i made myself a new pair of earrings. the ones i made the other day were too heavy for my newly repierced ears. the ones i made are much lighter. smaller. still dangly, but i can't feel them every time i move like i could with the others.

after an obligatory angry discussion, doc agreed to get the dog tomorrow. now he's trying to get me to take the bus to the adoption fair early so i don't miss out on gus. gus is the dog i want. they featured him on facebook and i fell in love. he's still available as of this afternoon.