June 15th, 2013

2013, cyd, new

things and stuff and nothing much

the cam seems to be a hit. watching the non-stop glamour seems to be popular. kind of surprising since i'm not in my 20's or naked. i guess you don't need that stuff.

i found more CDs and DVDs that are half full of applications and photos. i need to get them organized onto blue max. but i'm just not in the mood. i'm sober and i'm bored.

i'm not making earrings until i'm stoned. i'm more creative and free-er with the color combinations when i'm stoned. i'll do the computer stuff while i'm sober. that way it will all be organized in an orderly fashion.

i don't have much to say. today has been an off day. i was up most of the night and slept most of the morning/afternoon. if i wasn't waiting for doc to get home without his keys, i would go back to sleep. i don't know why. i'm just so tired.

i finally figured out that i have allergies. several days of nose and eye running and it suddenly occurred to me. i've never had allergies. i don't know if it's the cats or the trees or what.

it came out that Syzane accused me, to doc, of stealing money from her. doc explained i don't carry cash and don't have a use for it. then she told him i "hot boxed" her with weed one night, all night. pure lies. and why? how could she be nice to my face and go behind my back to doc . . . bitch.

yes, i'm still stinging from it. and i'm not giving J a fair chance like i should because of it. she is trying to be my friend and i'm too gunshy after the psycho bitch experience.

gotta go, someone's out back.