June 13th, 2013

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the new myspace site is confounding

i like the sideways scrolling, but other than that . . . it takes too long to load. and there doesn't seem to be any support area. i was an artist on the former myspace, i had my stuff uploaded, but none of it transferred over and now i'm relegated to fan status instead of artist status and i can't figure out how to change that. i've spent two hours going in circles on there and can't find a way in or out. so i'm giving up for the night.

today was boring. once i got the cam working, i had nothing to do on the computers. i really am lost without blue max. i did a lot of reading of twitter. and watching of the cam. i can't see the cats from where i am, so i watched them on cam all day. while i wasn't sleeping on cam. or sitting here guzzling coffee and water.

i think tomorrow i'll make some earrings. i think i know where the rest of my beads are, i'll get them out and make some stuff. i have a bunch of ear wires and a lot of small amounts of beads and silver findings. sounds like earring day to me. maybe if i make some stuff, doc will get up and open an account for me to link to paypal so i can sell them on ebay. then i can finally sell of the happy meal toys. but i'm mostly interested in making new jewelry. it will just lay around if i don't sell it.

time to stop fucking around with doc and actually wake his ass up. he was up for an hour from 9-10, then he lay back down and went to sleep. i get it. i could sleep all the time. and he never gets enough.
2013, cyd, new


the laptop is fixed! i lost a few pictures and a couple of notes and a few emails, but nothing i can't live without. nothing i'm crushed about. and blue max is fine, all the data is secure. i can't believe i got through a computer crash unscathed. all thanks to my Tech Superhero. and i got a lot done on the other computers while the laptop was down.

i got the cam live. that's something. it's caused doc much muttering under his breath. he hates it. he keeps asking me, are we on cam? same rules apply now that did when i originally started it, keep doc off the cam.

i have a bunch of stuff to install now and transfer from CD to blue max. i think i'll take a nap first. then get to work.