June 9th, 2013

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surprisingly, i'm pretty calm about the laptop. it will be a month before we can get it fixed. i can't access blue max with either of my working computers, but i'm sure the data is safe. and i have my music stick, as doc calls it. i can't make videos, but i'd pretty much lost interest in it.

i didn't go to the slam tonight. and here's why: i just can't stand my old work anymore. and my new work is visual, it will have to be published. it loses so much when it is spoken. so i didn't want to go. i'll still go to the one on the 12th at the double down. like i said, i want to judge at that one. i know i'll get past this. i'll either start writing stuff that can be read aloud and on the page, or i'll come to an understanding with my own work and view the readings as acting gigs to see if i can still pull the pieces off.

did i mention Major meows? constantly? yeah, more talkative than ANY siamese i ever had, and we used to breed them. so i've had a lot of siamese cats. jabbery things they are, but silent as monks compared to this black cat. i don't know where he learned it, i can't even imagine how one would train a cat to meow so much. doc said he was silent the entire time he knew Major, up until the scooter ride. then Major howled, much like he did on his way to and from the vet yesterday. and he peed in his carrier, and of course we had him in the soft carrier with the lamb's fur lining. good kitty?

speaking of the vet, they are trying really hard to get our return business. the whole time we were there, everyone we saw was all smiley smiley and could they get us anything and were we sure and here are some treats for . . . oh Major? what a cute name . . . it was insane. then yesterday evening a girl called Shiloh rang and left a message thanking us for coming in and if we had ANY questions or concerns, to please let her know so she could address them. touching. but they are twice as far and twice as expensive as Dr. Rose. and all the cats love her. so we'll take him there for his shots. he has his rabies, and that is what is important. he's got his tag on. we got it in the mail a few days after we adopted him.

and speaking of Major, he slept with me yesterday and today. all together now . . . awwwww . . . he stretches out along my back like simon. so cute. and he shuts up while i'm asleep.

maybe it just hasn't hit me yet about the laptop. maybe i need to do a lot of work on this machine and this happened for a reason.
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i forgot to tell the best news

in fact i forgot all about it until i woke up the second time this morning.

kelli is coming out to stay with me when doc goes to cambodia!!!!!!!!! i can't begin to tell you all the ways this is good. the only thing we were worried about is what i would do with all that time to myself. if i would get in trouble or what without supervision. i was just as worried about it as doc. i never know what kind of stupid shit i'm going to do. kelli coming out solves that issue and makes me incredibly happy. i can't wait for her to see the house and meet the cats. and by november, we'll likely have a dog, as well.

she needs to find a job out here. she needs to move back out here. the kids are grown up now (her nieces and nephews). well, most of them are. Peyton is still young and cute, but he won't stay that way forever. it's time for her to come back. the job market is opening up and she has a good job history. she's a loyal and long time worker. and i'm convinced she could make more money than she does in PA. and her cost of living wouldn't go up much. as long as she chipped in on bills and took care of me . . . that's all we need. she already buys and eats her own food. she needs to be here. we are the only three sane people in this world that we have found. we need to be together.

and there's the new religion to consider. Charles Bukowski will be worked into a god figure somehow. that's the basis, and really, as far as we've gotten. but we can't start a cult, er, i mean religion across the country from one another, we need to be together. and there is no way on this earth i am going back to PA before i absolutely have to.

it's time to go take a shower and get my eyes open. i slept most of yesterday and last night, i should be fully rested. there is a rumor that B is bringing the bikes over today, but i am seriously doubting that. it's already 98 degrees. not bike moving weather.
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later in the day

i keep sleeping and i don't know why. i think it's boredom. that and a desire to have cats cuddle with me.

i'm done harvesting poetry. i think i've gotten it all. now i'm titling it. doc asked why i didn't title it when i wrote it. good question doc. *throws something small but heavy*

doc said he called a couple of people about the laptop. i guess he knows a couple of techies from work. it's full of them. they just aren't very interesting to hang out with, usually, and hard to make friends with.

only a hundred more poems to title. no problem. the titles don't much matter, anyway. as long as each one has one so i have something to put in the table of contents.

half the poems titled. i'm going to put this window away and turn this computer off. i'm getting confused with the keyboards and meeces.