June 6th, 2013

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about pot and cats

tomorrow is the big day. i talk to my shrink about getting a medical marijuana card. it would be a lot easier and cheaper if he would back me up on it and help me with it. if not, i'm doing it anyway. next month i fill out the applications with the state and pay the fees. then i go see a doctor, or send in my doctor's form, then pay more, wait, get a temp card, and i'm off.

we've already started with regular dosing of moderate amounts. i smoke about a half a gram of chronic a day. it's a lot for most people, but after smoking for 20 years and all the medication, it takes a bit more, a bit more often than most people. i've tried ingesting it, but i can't stand the taste unless the hemp butter is in cookies or brownies, the chocolate drowns out the hemp flavor. i'm going to try to make a spinach/feta quiche with hemp and see if i can stand that, i'm hoping the feta and the red onion will mask the flavor of the hemp.

Major has made himself at home finally. he sleeps on the comfy chair, or the cat chair, as it is coming to be known. he finally was out for wet food tonight, and he ate first, even chasing off felix. good kitty. felix needs to be humbled a bit. ever since he started coming home only for meals he's had this attitude that is making me frustrated with him. he hissed at me tonight. i was not standing for it. he wanted to go out. and my rule is, hissy cats don't get let out, they get put in the mudroom for a time out. a nice, quiet meow gets cats let out. so i talked to felix about this until he chilled out and gave me a nice, polite meow. then he went out for the night.

now is the time of the night when all of the cats hide for a nap. they will get up in an hour or so and start running around like manic racehorses on acid. that's the fun part of the night, the part i usually hide in my room from and sleep through.

my multi-colored lights in my room died. now i have a string of white tube lights draped over the curio at the foot of the bed. it illuminates nicely, without being too much. i can sleep to it. simon curls up with the end of it, he seems to like the warmth. with all that fur, in the desert, and he is curled up with hot lights.

ooh, baggy is up, i think i'm going to go play with him.

have a nice night!
2013, cyd, new

a link for you . . . http://www.youtube.com/user/cydniey

here is the link to my youtube channel. apparently you can watch the videos i like and the ones i create. cool. i spent all day trying to get the fucking header right for mobile/tv/web in the same image. stupid youtube.

here's a picture of Major at the vet today: http://twitpic.com/cvorvp. the visit was fine, the ride was stressful. the lump in is elbow is a BB, someone shot my cat. it can stay in there. it's not hurting anything. he weighs 9.15 lb.s. and he is about 3 years old. he needs shots. we'll be taking him to our regular vet soon for those. our vet is much closer and much less expensive. plus i love her. and so do the cats. Major will love her, too.

felix got ito a fight and his face is cut up, so he's staying in tonight whether he likes it or not. doc is sleeping in my room because it will probably get loud in here. growling and hissing and whatnot. felix gets really cranky when he can't go out. right now he's asleep under the a/c vent. he's right, it is hot out there. even i'm smoking in the bathroom with the fan on. it's too hot for me. it's 106. yeah. but it's a dry heat, until you are covered with sweat and stay that way because there is no breeze to take it away. the tourists have it easier. they are always on the move and because of buildings and traffic, there's always a breeze on the strip.

the poetry harvesting is depressing right now. three years, four poems, and two of them were accidental. i'm to 2006. only four more years to go. it should take about an hour and a half. i plan to finish it tonight. i can start titling them tomorrow. then put them away for a while. maybe get them printed and loosely bound to take to readings. i did that with the ones i published in Stop Poking Me Lady.

so B is going to be storing a couple of his bikes over here. turns out he's "found" the scooter that was supposedly stolen by a truck bearing a striking resemblance to ours. he wants doc to help him move them over here with his truck. that means getting a honda goldwing four feet up off the ground and then back down again. yeah. i really hate B. doc is already hurt from laying down the scooter bike the other day. now he has to go on his weekend and do this for this poor schmuck who doesn't seem to have any other friends. and for some reason it is up to us to constantly bail him out. well, not literally. J bailed him out of jail last time he went. there is that. we just have to clean up his messes.

and i'm going to have a side yard full of bikes and he will have an excuse to just drop by. though he has been warned that i've been carrying around a knife and have been awfully stabby lately. good doc. scare the dipshit so he doesn't bother me.

we're definitely getting a dog. not in june, this month we're getting my medical marijuana card. i'm paying for half and doc is paying for half. my shrink is actually going to give me my records and write a letter to a prescribing doctor about my medical history. yay!!! that saves some money and a lot of time. it will make the whole process that much easier. he warned against taking too much and exacerbating my deoression with laziness and lack of motivation, but was completely behind me taking it with my valium instead of having to up my dose, and using it to help me sleep. so i'm really excited about that.

now i'm going to go get Major out from under the chair and try to get him to drink some water. he's been home for three hours now, and has been under the chair the whole time. kitty needs to come out.