June 4th, 2013

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now is the time of the day when we don't need pants

woo hoo! i now have more free space on my hard drive than used space! and blue max is still close to empty. ahh. the ability to back up my stuff. and the fun of being able to download stuff again. i'm tired of the 368 songs on my play list and i'm looking to add more.

oh, wow, now it's the next morning. i forgot i was writing in here. i got caught up with cat stuff.

now i've done my chores, had breakfast (sharp cheddar and aged provolone grilled cheese on whole wheat), and brushed my teeth. oh, and spent 20 minutes in the bedroom with Major. he is so my cat.

i don't feel like writing today. so i think i'll make a video. every day i must do something creative. if the muse won't come to me i will call her down. i'm not waiting around for the mood to strike me. i will do something, anything. i have so many outlets, they are just there for the using.

live journal and twitter won't cooperate, so my tweets won't be showing up here for a while. i'll cross=post any links i put up.

i'm downloading 6 gigs of NIN. i know what i'll be listening to all day tomorrow. i have a couple CDs but i'm getting the full discography.

time to go get Major and make him come out here to the living room to socialize. i can't have him just getting along with Simon. he needs to get with the others. funny, he's older than Vader, but he's smaller.

something passive aggressive for the search engines

i can't help myself . . . .

in my opinion (for legal purposes)

Syzane Brahimaj - Bennett is a lying, scheming, cheating, stealing bitch of a person. no word she says should be trusted and don't EVER let her into your home.

That's Syzane Brahimaj the bitch who uses and cannot be trusted. she will take everything from you that she can and if you stop giving she will turn mean and threaten to call the police because she is too gutless to do anything else.

once again Syzane Brahimaj renowned cunt and liar. not to discount her pill popping addict behaviour and her use of the n-word.

this is where we rescued her from when she had no place to go: http://www.jailbase.com/en/arrested/nv-chn/2013-04-01/syzane-lilli-brahimaj-bennett-20130401-brahimaj-bennett-syzane-lilli

edit: and it's already made it into google. heh.
2013, cyd, new

i'm pretty happy with my family

and i don't mean my birth family. i mean the cats that doc and i have gathered to love and shelter. i walk through the house and there is always a cat to greet me. someone always wants attention. we are all comfortable. doc and i are comfortable with each other. it's all pretty cool.

Major has spent a good deal of today outside of my bedroom. i had to go get him and bring him out a couple of times, but it's helping him to learn his name faster. right now he's sprawled out on the top of the love seat. every so often, waking up and meowing. he meows a lot. he talks back to you. he eats any kind of kibble you put in front of him, but he doesn't like people food. and he shows no interest in going outside. he actually avoids the sliding glass door.

simon, who is getting twice as much attention because i'm always in my room with Major and i pet and play with them both, is doing fine. still establishing boundaries. Major is now allowed on the bed when simon is not on it. progress. Vader, on the other had, is quite jealous. but he's not acting out, surprisingly enough. instead he's become super-lovey-can-i-follow-you-around cat.

i have just endured the first half of Letterman in the hopes that the Nathan Fillion interview won't completely suck. okay, i lie, for half of it i was sitting outside. hee.

oh, got to go wake doc up.

have a good night!