May 30th, 2013

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there is no subject, it is just an illusion

i really have to control myself and hold my tongue. i hate that.

meanwhile back in the normal world . . .

oh, fuck, i forgot to sweeten my coffee. ech.

J is coming over tomorrow for coffee. a girl date. for us girls. sitting on the patio and bull shitting and getting to know one another. cool. she ended up texting me. after i told B that i would call her, i got attacked by shyness.e so everything worked out.

i'm almost to 3,000 tweets. that doesn't seem like much compared to most of the people i follow.

so "texting" is not a word that spell check approves of. heh. and i thought it just didn't like MY made up words.

one thing i love about our huge living room is that, even with all the furniture we have in it, i can still spread all my stuff out on the floor and sit here instead of on the couch all the time. binder, paper journal, remote, headphones, laptop, phone, water, coffee, lighter, pipe. yep, it's all here, spread out around me. and behind me is a chair with a big cushion against it to lean back and relax on when i want. yep. i love this living room. oh, wait, i need my music stick and blue max. forgot about them. need to do some work.

i didn't do any last night. i ended up going into my room, curling up with simon, and watching my night light for two hours. then i got up and fucked around the house. today i have no excuse, i was sucked in by twitter. yep. i am weak. i got a bunch of new followers today though, don't know what that's about.

Red "liked" a bunch of stuff on my facebook TL. whatever. no indication that she's trying to fuck doc over, no. i can't believe the two-faced-ed-ness of some people. ugh.

there goes the psychotic rooster, must be time for doc to wake up. i hate that thing. at least he doesn't wake up to "Margaritaville" or something vile like that. but the psychotic rooster stresses me out. the way he starts all soft and gets louder and louder. ack! waking up like that must be hell. i have a hard enough time not panicking to a regular alarm clock.
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oh wow, cool and cooler

the animal shelter where we got vader is having a sale in june. $50 off adoption fees for cats over 6 months old. they have a jack clone that doc keeps seeing every week that has been there since vader was adopted by us. his name is bobo. i've seen pictures of hi, he looks just like jack and vader and evie. heh. and we're adopting him on saturday. this comes at a really good time because i think J might want bagira back. which is okay, as long as she's going to take as good care of him as she used to. he is a really special cat.

in more good news . . . our property management company sent us the new lease today! our rent is going up by $50 a month, big deal. we don't have to pay an additional pet deposit, our old one carries over. and we get to stay here another year!!! i might just break out the hammer and put up some artwork tonight. i'm so happy!! all we have to do is sign the lease and get the renter's insurance renewed and take the paperwork into the office. YEAH!! i was so afraid we'd have to leave here. and i love it here. i'm just getting comfortable in this house.

so, a new black cat and we get to stay here another year. pretty good day.
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good motherfucking morning

i haven't used that word in far too long.

if you've been looking at the daily pictures of me that i post on twitter and wondering why . . . i have a web cam on the laptop that i play with. and occasionally i take a picture out of the set and publish it. my obsession with myself never ends.

i'm going to try to get J in front of the cam to get a picture of her and i today when she comes over.

i could barely sleep, i was so excited about the lease and bobo last night. i did get 5 hours, though. i feel amazing.

so we switched out my TV with Red's old TV. it's something like 27 inches. it's huge. compared to my last one.

ack! i have to make a trailer for my youtube channel. yikes. i don't even know what i'll say. i guess i have to think about that for a while. and whether i'm going to make a live one, or just a picture. if i make a live one i have to figure out how to hook up my new USB mic and record from it and the webcam. i'm sure it can't be that complicated. it's just daunting at 6:56 in the morning.

ahhh, fresh coffee. and singing really loudly to "The Space Between" by the Dave Matthews Band. it's the only song by them i like and i love it. it's right in my range (i am a solid alto). i always wanted to be a singer, except for when i wanted to be an ice skater, oh, and when i wanted to be a trucker. my parents tried. voice lessons, church choirs, religious music to sing along to. i'm just a bad singer. i got a job doing back-up with a band when i was 16, but that fell through when my parents wouldn't let me leave the sate to do a gig. now i have illusions of a middle aged punk band. screaming bad lyrics in torn clothing, smelling of cheap beer. that's my dream, baby.

i'm still on the fence about the BatteBorn slam on the saturday after first friday. it's the team that goes to nationals every year, and people hoping to get on it. i have no illusions about that. it is not a goal of mine. i just want to read. i'll do it in any context i can; open mic, slam, in front of a stripper to bad house music . . . whatever.

ooh, i just happened upon a bunch of archive disks, time to go play with blue max.
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something something something title

i'm staring at a picture of bobo. i can't wait until saturday. i hope they don't send him out to the adoption fair. but if they do, we will go there and find him. doc has really bonded with him over the past weeks.

i didn't have enough reason to fuck off in front of the computer, i installed the Sims on my laptop today. it's going to take me a week to install all the objects and skins and shit i have for it, though.

i've tidied up the house. i'm just waiting for doc to get home from work. then J is coming over at noon. i'm a bit nervous, i don't know what we'll talk about. i'm so strange with people. i'm sure we'll figure out some commonalities.

oh. i forgot i was writing in here. well. time to stop, doc is home.
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ending with a plea for music suggestions

J canceled on me today. big bummer, i was really looking forward to her coming over, i cleaned the house and everything.

i have bobo's collar all ready to go. i called the shelter and he's scheduled to go to the adoption fair on saturday, so we will go there and get him. that way we can pick up more canned cat food as well.

i brought out jack's scratching board today. vader flipped over it. bagira approved. evie and vader fought over it. and lelu stretched her paws out on it. i'm glad i brought it out. i brought out vader's bed, too. toys go in it. vader doesn't sleep in it anymore.

okay, i'm trying music again, to see if i can find something that fits my new, cheerful mood. so far Blondie's "Maria" is doing a good job. we'll go with a short playlist of songs i haven't heard in at least a month.

i got photoshop 7 loaded and running on the laptop last night. now i really have no goddamn excuse for anything. like updating my five stores. one is really tasteless. products featuring the slogan "i went to Las Vegas, the plan their explosions". it's been up for about 6 years. and it stays relevant and tasteless. and i don't sell a one. but i think it's the font i used. i'm going to do another series now that i have photoshop on here.

i still haven't hooked up the printer, but that is more of a logistics problem. we have to move furniture to set it up to hook it up. what a drag. it sits here and i lean on its table while i'm on the floor. then i'll start looking for my pictures to scan. i think i found the box they're in today. it's the only big one i haven't opened and the three things i'm missing could conceivably be in there. and scan in those santa pictures. priceless. i was never scared of the old coot. i sat and grinned like i was supposed to. i was thinking i'd make a video with them, but instead of doing a piece of my own, doing "A Visit From St. Sid", by donnie the punk and doing it for xmas. that gives me plenty of time to get them scanned in, heh.

doc is dropping off the lease next week. yeah! signed and sealed.

ahhh . . . some Cyndi Lauper, old school. hee.

i've lost interest in being mad at or hurt by Red. i quit. i'm bored with her games, i just don't care anymore.

doc is asleep early tonight. he's been getting more sleep lately. mostly broken up into two three hour naps. he seems to do okay on 6 hours sleep. fact is, he's grumpy when he gets more or less than that. don't want him grumpy going into work. tomorrow is friday! he will have made it an entire week without staying home with me! Elephants. yep.

have you ever hear Colin Hay's "Overkill", the old Men at Work song? well, feast your ears. even if you didn't like the Men at Work version or music or sound, try it, you may be surprised.

i need new music, any suggestions are welcome. let's see, what do i like that's new-ish . . . adele, pink, lily allen, madonna, i don't know, i haven't been exposed to much. i like the new Dropkick Murphy's new record. i'll try anything. except rap and country. no no no.