May 24th, 2013

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good goddamned morning, Sunshine

i sept for 7 solid hours. oh wow i feel great. i could go for another three days now. then i got up and lounged like a lizard in the sun for a half an hour, sipping coffee.

i took a cool bath last night around 10:30 and got a text from Red. all is well. i hope she's happy there. i wish i could have waved a magic wand and made her adapt to the climate.

" . . . everybody's got the fever, that is something you all know . . ."

i think i'm going to hookah. i think maybe strawberry. i've done all my chores. now i'm just waiting for doc to get home from work. watching tv and listening to music. no headphones today, by god. no, no hookah. maybe later today. it's still a bit early for hookah.

how about another video today? at some point i will make another that people will watch. but i'm not putting boob in each video just to get viewers. i'm actually (and this surprises me) not that concerned with viewers. i just love making the things and putting them out there to be discovered at the right time by the right person.

haven't heard anything more from my mother. so my sphincter can relax. stupid woman. what the christ? wish me happy birthday after 10 years of not speaking to me? those people are strange. we looked for my dad when we were in the neighborhood yesterday to see B. we were hoping he was walking down the sidewalk and we could just have a steering accident. no joy. and really, if he was going to be run over by our awesome big truck, i would like to be at the wheel.

doc brought up the scooter yesterday. he's really happy i seem to have woken up and he wants me to learn to drive the scooter so i can use it. (he's preparing for his elephant sanctuary trip, where he leaves me alone to fend for myself). truth be told, i'm not so scared of it anymore. i'm ready to get back on it and drive it. i see dip shits driving around on scooters and think to myself, "i could do that".

we've had vader for four months now and he has doubled in size. wow, did they get his age wrong. and he is all legs. he's taller than all of the other cats, and skinny. lanky. if he were human, he would be lanky. if he ever grows into those legs, we're in trouble.

that means we've also had bagira and evie for four months. wow, the time has gone quick and they are completely adapted to their new home. they all get along. except simon and vader. vader has claimed me as his "big" and as a part of that, wants to claim the bedroom. and simon has something harsh to say about that. he tolerates vader in the room when i'm in there, but if i'm not in there, he beats vader back. and i can't help but encourage simon. it's so funny to see him protect his room. and vader is so baffled by it.

i just messaged jeremy from the Germs his video from the double down slam. he played a great set in between the rounds, even soldiering through a broken guitar string. here is the link to his video of Fuck Everyone, unfortunately the beginning of the song is cut off, but it's still awesome.
2013, cyd, new

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