May 19th, 2013

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"how ya doin', Hookah-rific?"

my headache has abated so i will write for a while. i was up all night with doc looking for the title to the truck. he found it around 11 this morning. i've had a stress headache since around three am. there are some pains that vicodin will not kill, this is one. so i'm not even trying.

i got a message from y o on facebook. a reply to something i messaged her a couple of months ago. i guess she logged in to wish me a happy birthday and saw there was a message from me. she and my dad and my nan are doing well. they are all going on a cruise in june. that's cool. that's about as involved as i want to be.

jaysus, it's 10 pm all ready. where did my birthday go? up in smoke. not pot smoke. none of that today. i'm quitting for a while, maybe forever, don't know. no, today was a hookah day. i smoked three. a bit excessive, but it's my birthday.

in spite of the headache, i had a great day. i got taquitos for dinner with extra guacamole. and since i wasn't in the mood for cake, there is champagne and chocolate in the fridge for me. doc and Red were so good to me today. making me coffee and stuffing me cigarettes, lighting the coal for the hookah, feeding the cats. they even tried to make my breakfast for me, but i'm the only one who knows how to make my tuna salad. i've been spoiled rotten. this is the best birthday i've had in many years. since i can remember. it wasn't just another day. it was special.

and Red got some incredible news. so it was a great day for her. i'm going to miss her so much when she leaves. i'll really be sad. but i understand why she has to go. this place i love chases everyone away.

my scooter went to its new owner today. he's around 14. BJ's son. part of the Family. and he looked so proud and happy and listened so carefully when doc was showing him things, it was so cool to see. i'm glad my scooter is going to someone who really wants it and will love it and ride it. and it gives a kid a way of getting around the suburbs. if i were in his place, i'd be pretty fucking happy, too.

thank everyone for the birthday well wishes. between here, twitter and facebook, i'm feeling the love. i can't say that often, or i don't think to. but yeah, you guys are great. thank you.

doc turned off the secondary functionality of the mouse pad thingy here on the laptop. i can't double click with the pad anymore, i have to use the buttons; and the scroll area doesn't work. i have to work on getting that back. i miss it. he didn't use it and found it problematic when playing his games. i just have to get used to it, it's no big deal really if i can't turn it back on.

i've been waiting all day to listen to music, and now i don't know what i want to listen to. i tried ani and she depressed me, i'm trying out annie lennox now, but it, too is sad. i want happy music. i'm not in the mood for the typical play list roller coaster. i want something that can get stuck in my head that hasn't been for a long time. ahhh, berlin. cool.

doc has decided he wants to go on a vacation. he's got the time coming up and found something he wants to do (an elephant sanctuary in cambodia, how cool is that?) and has started saving the money for it. i'm so happy he found something he wants to do purely for him that he will enjoy and will make him happy. i risk losing him to the far east, though. i told him i listen to a kim wilde song about a man who goes to cambodia and never comes back, and i made him promise to come back. it's later in the year, so i'm really optimistic that he will be able to do it.

i don't know what the christ i'll do for two weeks alone, but it's not for a while, so i'm not stressed about it.

speaking of stress, my headache is gone. joy! oh, i feel so much better. i think i just needed to sit down with some music and breathe. i feel like i've been on edge all day because i've been the center of attention. and contrary to popular belief, i am not comfortable there.

okay, i have a video to make, and i haven't picked out a piece or pictures or anything. time to get to work.

my "your daughter is a slut" video has had over 100 views, due in no small part to the appearance of boobie. but hopefully some of those people had their volume turned up and enjoyed the piece itself. any idiot can flash a boob. that took no talent. it was just a gimmick to get people to listen. i am shameless, i know.

have a great night.