May 14th, 2013

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2013, cyd, new

"i am the son and the heir of a shyness that is criminarilly vulgar"

i made a new video today. for "Bishop". i'm getting the hang of this windows movie maker thing. eventually i'll be able to play with video. for now i'm content to make videos out of my pictures. i really like the way this one turned out. i think that the piece goes well with the sleeping pictures of me.

milo and i had a break through today. he let me hug him. and pet him for a long time. he also comes out to check on me when i stay up all night now. he's such a good dog. rescue dogs may have their neurosis but they really are loyal and fabulous dogs. i see milo and i having a great friendship. for now i'm concerned about him and doc. milo has a problem with men. so doc gives him treats to get in good favor with him and takes milo for walks to the park. i want them to get along because doc loves dogs and wants more than anything for milo to love him.

money is a big problem this month. we'll be without cable for a few days. so i'll be offline. it will be a nice break. i'll make videos and listen to music and rewatch NCIS this season.

i can't think when i'm on this computer for some reason. it's my spacing out computer, the one i use to listen to music when the laptop is being used. so i'm used to just sitting here and veging staring at the wall or the visualization on windows media player. i'm not used to thinking on this machine.

we're going to deworm the cats. along with simon's skinniness, felix is losing weight as well and i'm concerned. so i figure we'll deworm them, it won't do them any harm and may help them. if not, it's off to see doctor Rose. i can't believe it's my two babies that are sick. we have to try to pill simon again tonight. with Red and i working together, we may be able to do it. he just switches to the feral cat so fast, you don't have time to react and suddenly you're bleeding all over and there is fur everywhere. i swear he's got a Fur Release button.

i forget how much the Smiths move me. i guess it's mainly Morissey, but wow. i'm just taken back to the 80s. i would NEVER relive my teens. but the music from the era still haunts me and makes me feel. i like to feel. i'm numb from my medications so much of the time, music is like a vacation to reality for me. i do my best writing after listening to music for a while. and i have to say again, i have assembled the best playlist i could have for myself. every song more favorite than the last. each taking me on a trip of emotion and memory and fantasy. it's ecstasy.