May 11th, 2013

2013, cyd, new

"if love is shelter, i want to walk in the rain"

jesus, is it saturday already? my mother's day gift to kelli's mom is late, i suck. all gifts to that house are late. ugh. right now my issue is that i can't find her address. heh. and she's at work. i don't want to call mom and bug her for it.

i'm getting beer!!!!! doc was just on the phone telling me about how we can't get rolling rock cheap because we are so far west. and then says, oops, i'm looking right at it, cheap for a twelve pack. heh. so i'm getting beer!!

okay, that whole thing came to us courtesy of the great tampon hunt. O Bs are getting harder to find. and more expensive, but i've used them for more than 20 years. and i don't want to change. it's a girl thing. and i've been trying to do this all through doc, who does the shopping. and doesn't understand the curse that generic feminine hygiene products are to women. he doesn't get it. he's a man. but along with the beer he found what i needed. i don't have the heart to tell him my period is over. i'll need them next month. jesus.

jesus is my friend today. i've said his name enough, he should appear any time.

i woke up on my back unable to move. i had a back cramp and my ribs were very unhappy. so i just lay there whining until simon came up to me and started licking me with his rancid breath. love. i eventually rolled over and managed to get up. i took a naproxen. but no vicodin. i did yesterday without any, too. i'm not feeling any withdrawal. aside from a little pain (about a four on the 1-10 scale, and i don't even consider pain pills until 5 or more), i feel pretty good. a little left over anxiety from an attack earlier, but nothing big and it's fading fast.

gordon ramsey has opened a restaurant in vegas that i actually want to eat at. and doc will want to drink at. it's a Pub. i can finally taste the famous shepherd's pie. it's at caesars palace, so you know it will be expensive, but we'll save up and doc can go have some british ales and i can get my meal. i'm really excited about it. i learned about it from one of the electronic changing billboards at the corner outside the double down while we were waiting to go in the other night. then we ended up seeing all manner of cab and bus signs for it.

okay, i guess i won't watch tv. i just went to the bathroom, doc came home and shut off the tv. fucker. he's got to be stopped. i'm having a beer. it's beer thirty.