May 10th, 2013

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i guess i needed a day to process it

it's been so long since i went out. it's been so long since i went out and performed.

and i took my teeth out on stage. on video. it's on youtube. but on there it isn't obvious what i'm doing. but i've been looking at pictures and my teeth look horrible in. they really did a bad job on them.

i won a vibrator and some lube at the slam. they said first woman to the stage, and no one would come up. all the women were looking around, Red was in the bathroom. so i decided to go up and get myself a personal massager. i didn't even blush when Cactus told me to go home and make love to it.

he won the slam. he was great. he did one piece about saving a girl from a rape in progress and the other piece about being a bouncer. great shit.

bagira is on my lap purring away. oop, there he goes, bye bye baggy.

simon has gotten really skinny. we don't know why. i'm feeding him pumpkin, since that's good for his tummy. last night while we were cuddled up, he kept burping. i wonder if there's any way i could get him to eat a tums. i'll have to go to the pharmacy today and get some pepcid for his tummy. his ribs are sticking out, and it's very sudden. he's also gotten really affectionate, even towards doc, so something is up. that just isn't simon. if he doesn't get better on his own, i'll take him to meet doctor Rose next week. Red can take us up on the scooter.

i told doc that now that Red and i know how easy it is to get to the double down on the bus, we will be dangerous. he told me we're cut off and he's getting us burkas. thick burkas. heh.

sunday night there is a biker event at the dive bar. i guess Red and i are going. i know she's going, i just don't know if i will. i probably will. i want to meet her friends. and it is really fun watching guys fall all over themselves for her.yuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh7htg

that last bit was from bagira, he swears there's a secret message in there. i don't know. i'm not a cat.

i have more videos to post, other performers from the slam. Red got some funny shit on video. i want to go through it and see if that one guy was really making eye contact with me the way i thought he was. it seemed he stared at me all through his pieces. it was strange.
2013, cyd, new

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