May 9th, 2013

2013, cyd, new

we haven't been through the video footage but here's a summary

last night was a gas. i met a lot of new people. the new talent here rocks. i puked in the sink. some little princess freaked out about it. Red videoed a lot of it. i got a sticker. we took the bus and walked. i didn't drink.

i didn't chicken out! i went and i did it just like i planned and they laughed when i read the pussy poem, oh, did they laugh. but the mic was lousy and i couldn't be heard well. i wasn't projecting, i have to work on that.

okay, summation finished. it will have to do for now. i can't wait to start digging through the footage and i have a thousand emails full of photos from Red's phone. she ran out of room on it half way through the slam and had to start dumping photos. so facebook and my inbox got inundated.