May 8th, 2013

2013, cyd, new

it rained here yesterday

and felix and howler got caught out in it. heh. felix ran home meowing pitifully, soaking wet. i let him in and dried him off. it wasn't until the end of the storm, when the noise was quieting down, that i heard the howling. i scanned the back yard, calling howler, the howl just grew more insistent. i finally located him in the shed, safe and dry, but with a huge puddle between him and me.

milo and Red were out with me and milo walked through the puddle to get to howler. then looked as if he were going to try to pick howler up by the scruff and carry him over the puddle. but howler found an escape route through the wet dirt and scurried over to me. Red and i just laughed and told milo he was a good boy. milo beamed and went over and nuzzled howler.
2013, cyd, new

the preparations have begun for tonight's slam

"are you dead set on wearing those jeans?"
"they look great on her!"
"but she's got this muffin top going . . ."
"but . . ."
"she's going to wear a baggy shirt."

and on it goes. you'd think i was doing a feature instead of two pieces among a bunch. Red is going out to get e hair dye to go with the bleach doc got yesterday. i'm going orange, dark orange, a color found in nature, just rarely. and my black super skinny jeans fit. even though i'm all bloated. god i'm such a girl.

milo's kibble got changed today and he is NOT happy with it. he's laying outside sulking. he even pounced at howler, who was taken aback, but pounced right back at him. it was quite hilarious. then howler looked at me as if i had an explanation, which i didn't.

simon is making out with y back right now. nuzzling and cuddling against it. he slept on the couch last night, so i slept alone. but i slept all night. i got up around 4 and said fuck it and went back to bed. i'm glad i did. i feel really good right now. i'm ready to go off the vicodin after tonight. and keep taking the anti inflammatory. my pain is nearly gone and as long as i don't move furniture around, which i did yesterday and got yelled at for it, i'm fine.

i'm really excited to see the other poets tonight and see who's on the scene now and hear what's going on. i'm more excited about that than i am about my own performance, and i'm pretty up about that. i've been reading the pieces i'm going to do. while doc and Red are out at the same time i will read them out loud. wow, to be on or in front of the stage at the double down again. cool.

i don't care if i win tonight. i'm not going to compete. it just isn't about that to me. i'm going just so i can do what i do best. and try to make some new friends along the way.

we're leaving at 6. walking up to tropicana and taking the bus down to paradise. then we're going to walk from there to the DD. doc left us bus fare. we have no money for drinks, so we're going to have to be extra charming if we get thirsty.

i had a dream last night that i forgot my poetry. left it here. and got all the way down there and realized. heh.

i have to remember to take my cameras. she's taking her phone, as well. we're going to try to video the pussy poem so i can post it on youtube. i have plans for the "studio" version, too. when i make it. anyway, must remember cameras.

okay, time for coffee and nicotine. and to read the pieces a couple more times.

wish me broken limbs. i'll tweet a picture of my hair once it's done. and have a great fucking day, it's wednesday, week is half over my pretties.