May 5th, 2013

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the couch is snoring

freddie is under it sleeping. for a tiny thing she sure snores loudly.

yesterday was a long day. doc took me to Urgent Care up in rich people land and i found out i have cracked ribs. not something that would show up on the xrays they took. the doctor was really nice and explained it all to me and told me i would be in pain for a while and there was nothing they could do but give me anti-inflammatories and manage the pain with vicodin.

so he gave me a month's prescription for both, and upped the dosage on the vicodin. i'm nearly cross-eyes, but i'm not in any pain. and the anti inflamatory is really helping, too. more than the pain pills because it's helping heal me. my pan is to take it really easy and heal fast so i don't need the whole 30 days of vicodin. i'll have doc put them away for emergencies.

i would write more, but my mind keeps going blank and i'm having trouble focusing. how do people function on this stuff?