May 4th, 2013

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"why didn't mommy person feed us?"

i have to wake doc up in a couple of hours to take me to the Urgent Care. i'm out of pain meds, the pain is spreading and the doctor they referred me to isn't taking any new patients. i don't trust the hospital. i don't want another EKG, i just want enough meds to outlast the pain. ibuprophen alone is not doing it. i don't expect them to tell me what is causing this, i just want the pain to go away.

we were discussing First Friday yesterday evening when we were meant to be getting ready, and i collapsed, so the idea was nixed. we'll go next month. thousands of people go and you kind of have to be geared up for that.

doc accidentally broke my camera. it only takes video now. so i still have a really good video camera. just not a still camera with flash. my flip cam takes stills and video, but has no flash and only a 32meg micro SD card. so i'll be using doc's camera for a while, the foreseeable future, in fact. i must have a camera, so doc isn't upset. well, he's upset he fucked up my cam, but he's not upset i'm taking his. he just wants the mavica, even though the battery won't hold a charge. i don't blame him, that's a sweet camera, it broke my heart when i had to stop using it.

the swelling went down in my arm yesterday, so i wrapped it in an ace bandage to get the rest of the swelling down and immobilize it because it was hurting. when i took the bandage off, the iodine had risen to just below the surface of the skin in two stripes where the bandage had been tight. two bright yellow stripes in the midst of this huge bruise. gorgeous.

okay, doc's up, i'm going to end this and see if i can't help him with his big asthma attack. have a great day.