May 1st, 2013

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windows and i are having another difference of opinion

i can't seem to change it's mind. it must be a stubborn dickhead. and google isn't helping the situation any. they are ganging up on me.

IMPORTANT: (Brenden, Brian, i'm looking at you, seaivy, you too) i'm going to make videos of my spoken word recordings. i need pictures to show during the pieces, would it be too obnoxious of me to use pictures of me from the cam days? any and all opinions welcome. welcome, needed, requested, demanded.

i got kelli's stuff ready for her package. when doc wakes up, i'll make the noise involved with packing it up. he can take it to the post office today. so mom will get her mother's day gift on time and kelli will get her farscape and firefly. i should get some m&ms and stick them in the box. the shipping is a flat rate, so a pound of candy won't make a difference.

i should set up some more stuff to burn and go out to the garage and look for speakers. there's been big drama over the tv situation here. see . . . *sigh* . . . red got two tvs this weekend. a giant one that is now in the living room, and a smaller one for her room. the smaller one in the living room would go in my room. the tv she got will not do for her needs, so she got really frustrated. i said i would trade my tv with her because my setup would let me use the tv the way i wanted. all i needed to do was find speakers for the stereos and we could hook them up and all would be right with the viewing public.

i'm not doing this fast enough. so i want to have the speakers found by the time she gets up today. doc and i are very patient people. Red is not. this is taking some getting used to.

it's also weird for me to be with another alpha female in the same house. i'm used to everything going my way. so is she. part of me thinks, she is the one out of place, she has to deal with it now. then most of me feels bad and feels like, this is a sister who has been through hell and needs stability any way she can get it. and i back off.

the slam is a week from today and i'm no closer to choosing pieces for it. i figure making slide shows of my stuff will force me to listen to it and i can decide then.

i have so much shit to do.

clean/unpack my room
unpack craft stuff in garage
make slideshows for youtube
harvest poetry
clear another 100gigs off my hard drive
find a new shrink
empty the dishwasher

not in that order. oh, and find the bloody speakers. let me go do that now. before i get wrapped up in some other project.
2013, cyd, new

what a day he had

doc went to take Red shopping today and the truck wouldn't start. so after a long day of waiting for a jump, waiting for a recharge and just generally waiting and running around on the scooter, doc got the truck going and he's out shopping when he should be home in bed.

on the other side of things, and all about me . . . i love my hair straight. i knew i always wanted straight hair. i look so much less girly with it straight. and i can run my fingers through it compulsively like i did when i was younger and it was short. i'm still not happy with the color. it needs to be more red. it's still too brown. at least it isn't mousy brown anymore. not like the natural color. just like my mom's it lost it's luster as i grew older. i used to be a chestnut brown, now it's just dirt colored with the occasional grey.

milo won't come in for me. he insists on staying outside and barking at the neighbors. i have to do something about this . . . that's better. dog in. no more barking. good dog. he doesn't do it out of aggression, but it's still noisy.

as for me, i slept through the day. =} i called kelli this morning. i was up all morning burning disks, but once people woke up, i went to bed. and then i got up and there was all this aggravation going on and they were fighting with each other and i just couldn't take it. fucking drama.

i just want more coffee and more tubes for my smokes. she needed to go all over. i don't look for them to be home for quite a while.

time to take another stab at a video. Red is going to videotape me at the slam next week. i'm going to do the pussy poem and i want to put the performance video on youtube. time to do a little more to get myself out there.