April 30th, 2013

2013, cyd, new

there's salami in the fridge

so . . . Red is right about a lot of things. and last night was another example of this. she told me maybe to write again, i needed to pull out a paper journal. so i did last night. and i wrote a poem. i wrote bunch of gibberish, too, but there was a poem.

there is nothing so satisfying as listening to the song that's been running through your head for three days.

okay, had to tweet that. i think i'm so clever. actually i don't, i just try really hard and hope i impress someone. ooh, true confession time. yikes.


i could sit out here forever
breathing in the dry air
letting the breeze fuck up my hair
i could sit like this for hours
with my feet well up
and the sun setting behind me
through the bamboo sunshade
this is better than the beach
even without the sound of the water
lapping and flowing and chasing
the breeze through those palms
is all i need in my head tonight
my happy place is where i am
what now shall i imagine?
were should i suppose i a i not
sitting here forever
watching the moths come out
brushing my hair out of my face.
2013, cyd, new

up to no good

Red and doc are out getting the red scooter from the repair guy!!! at last. Red wants to teach me to ride it. hah. not in traffic, not on these meds. i'll make a mess of it and the road. but it will be good to have the bike back. she can ride it around, i guess. suddenly we are awash with vehicles. doc's mountain bike is fixed and here, we have the SUV, the truck and now the two scooters. damn good thing we have a garage and big driveway and back yard.

i had this wonderful live LP of Big Country and didn't even know it until i picked a couple songs for my music flash drive. it's fucking wonderful. i miss Stuart Adamson. damn shame. his voice was a gift to all of us.

it's funny, all the flash drives that IT Fairy sent me blink when they are being used. so my computer is alive with flashing lights today.

in a few minutes here, i will start burning Farscape for kelli. i already retrieved the book for her mom and have it in the mailing box. i found a small CD book that will just hold the disks i'm sending her and it's white with black barbed wire printed on it. perfect for kelli.

okay! the download is completed finally. i will get going on burning this right now, i'd like to have doc mail it tomorrow on his way home from work.