April 29th, 2013

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not too much

yesterday was a mixed day. we got a new giant tv, thrift store style, thanks to Red. but she and doc and i fought all day. well, she and i didn't fight. we fought with doc. he finally left and went and did laundry. when he came home he went to bed, and then got up and went to work. won't get a take 2 until around noon today.

there's a new kitty visiting our backyard. it's a seal point siamese kitten of about 9 months. i call her Buttercup, as in Princess. she comes into the yard and up on the patio to hang out with me. she is very friendly. and this time i know she is a she. she hasn't been over bred. her eyes aren't crossed and her face isn't all sharp and sick looking. she's a very attractive cat, with a personality to match. she doesn't seem to like felix at all, but doesn't mind howler.

awww, simon came out to get love. i'm going to go snuggle with him.