April 28th, 2013

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she didn't rinse the spoon

i got my hair cut today! i just got it layered so i don't have the hippie look to deal with anymore. i played with it, i slept on it, i played with it some more and then i straightened it. now i can't stop playing with it. it loves to be in my eyes. i'm so happy with it. it was Red's early birthday present to me.

we talked about my birthday on the way home and i mentioned clearing out the freezer for the ice cream cake and doc said he hadn't planned on getting me an ice cream cake, he was getting me a surprise, but if i'd rather have the ice cream cake . . . oh no, i said. i'll take the surprise thank you.

and while we were on the subject i told him i was asking for a 1T external hard drive for my birthday. doc said, "oh? really?" in that way that makes "really" fraught with meaning. i stuck to my guns. i found one for $100. i want it and i will have it. i'm sick of burning tons of DVDs and not seeming to get anywhere. but then, every time i delete something, Red downloads something else. right now it's just a matter of keeping up with her. i understand where she is. i went nuts when i first found pirate bay, that's how i filled up my hard drive.

which reminds me, i have room on my hard drive for Farscape now. i can download that tonight and burn it for kelli tomorrow for the package i'm preparing for her.

doc's asleep on the couch. he's so cute, he's snoring. lightly. he took her to Macy's and Goodwill today before taking me to my hair cut. then he ran to B's a couple of times. he uses the scooter for everything he does on his own. the truck is cool as all get out, but it is so EXPENSIVE with gas. i wish i could show you pictures of it. just picture a big, badass black truck. it's an 87, so it's been going since i graduated high school. i love this truck. it has fluffy blue bath mats for floor mats. and skulls all over the place.

i'll ask him tomorrow to get me DVD storage books. he'll be out and about and may be near a place he can pick a couple up. it would help with this stack of new DVDs.

and after i do all this with the backing up and the hard drive and all that junk, i have a CD collection to rip. oy.