April 25th, 2013

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4am update

i put my stuff up on last.fm. the whole thing was confounding. the site is not the least bit intuitive and the links for things in the editing section are all in a blue almost as pale as the white background. my stuff isn't showing up. i don't know why.

i went to log into hotmail last night, not realizing it had been taken over by microsoft outlook. ack! so i backed away from that and went about my business.

today: more backing up. learn how to make videos for my mp3s. sleep.

i have discovered in my poetry harvesting that the muse has not left me. she just doesn't come around as often. now, i haven't read most of it. just snippets here and there as i copy and paste. the reading will come when i put titles on all the stuff. then i'll read it all.

harvesting is slow going, but not as slow as i thought it would be. it's easy with the time period i'm working with. just look for the short lines. then copy, maximize word, paste and save. then go on looking for more. i will definitely work on tagging stuff from now on to make the poetry easier to find.

milo is slowly warming up to me. i tell you, it's great having a watch dog around. and he alerts us to other things, like when there is a cat trapped in the garage. and he doesn't bark too much. he rarely barks in the house. and he shuts up when you tell him to. good dog. i bribe him with food and talk to him in soft happy tones whenever i can. Red trusts me with him, so i get to dog sit him a lot. they told me that when i sleep on the couch he sleeps on the floor in front of me. awwww.

i've given up on the idea of shaving simon. i'm going to comb him out with something called the Furminator. it is supposed to get the thick undercoat and leave the top coat silky. it works on the dog, and they make them for cats. i'll just use milo's on him. that cat has entirely too much fur. who in the world bred these long haired cats?

i'm contemplating going back to bed. i went to bed at 11 and got up at 2. yeah, bed sounds good. snuggling with simon sounds divine.
2013, cyd, new

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2013, cyd, new

bop bop bop

i would be concerned about the frequency of my headaches if they weren't in different places each time. i had another one today and just slept. now i'm wide awake. the headache lingers. it's not too bad, though, just annoying.

i came around the corner of the kitchen today and saw doc standing there with his arm around Red. likely just a friendly gesture. but it stung. does that make me a bad person? i didn't get mad, and i'm not dwelling on it, it just took me by surprise. it was kind of on top of him taking her out and taking her shopping after the animal shelter visit and didn't get me the things i need. i am kind of getting tired of him making me feel like the third wheel. i live here, too.

howler is curled up on my belly, making it all but impossible to type. so i'm going to cut this short and give him some love.