April 24th, 2013

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i need a software guru

i''m so frustrated trying to back up files on my fucking computers. i have a stack of DVDs, blank just waiting for data. two disk drives aren't working, i have to go in and see if they are hooked up. and for some damn reason the laptop doesn't want to recognize the DVDs. AND i don't know where doc put the cables for the external DVD drive, which i know likes those disks. PIFFLE

freddie grunts in the corner, i agree with her whole heartedly.

i joined an internet dating site today. pof.com. i've been encouraged by Red's success with it, the people she's met, and the places she's gone. i want to meet people and go places. i want to meet people. yes, yes i do. and i'm tired of hanging out with straight people all the time, i want some lesbians in my life. yes, yes i do.

shameless self promotion: http://fabulousdisaster.com.

have to do that every so often. did it on twitter yesterday and got favorited by people. which is nice, but a re-tweet would have been nicer. heh. social networks. blah. i'm so anti-social but not.

i'm no closer to deciding on pieces for the slam on the 8th. i'm not really worried about it. when i'm done here, i'm going to go listen to all my mp3s.

which reminds me, i need to figure out windows movie maker so i can make videos of my poetry and slideshows. that way i can post them on youtube.com. it hit me like a big heavy thing yesterday. i have the software and the pictures and the mp3s to do it. and that would give me more exposure.

i'm all about the self promotion. this slam thing has me all interested in my work again. i'm even going to find a journal today to write some new work. it's been a long time since i wrote a poem out.
2013, cyd, new

finally some success

i got a DVD burning program and am currently backing up/emptying out my laptop. i see myself being up all night doing this. and most of, if not all of tomorrow. which i don't mind. it's worth the waiting and the button pressing to get the stuff done. the first two programs i tried didn't recognize the DVDs. then i torrented and all the installations of the program i wanted were complicated and beyond what i wanted to mess with. then i finally found a program which does everything i need it to, recognizes the disks, didn't install a bunch of crap on my computer, and the install was easy. finally. i wasted the whole morning doing that shit.

Red is out exploring the neighborhood. trying to get to tropicana. she was asking ME for directions (insert hearty laughter). i reminded her she has maps on her phone. twit.

i told Red i don't straighten my hair often because when i do, i play with it all the time. and i straightened my hair so she could see what it looks like. and now i can't stop playing with it. running my fingers through it. that isn't something you can do with naturally curly hair. not without pulling and tearing at it. my hair is also much longer straight, of course. so it tickles me on my arms and i keep thinking there are bugs on me. not good.

i don't know how i'm going to do it for the slam. i want it in my face. so pigtails are out. straight is probably my best option.

i got checked out on pof.com. she looks like chaz bono, though. she looks like she's into sports. i'm just hoping i can meet people. i'm not looking to fall in love or hook up. i'm especially not looking to hook up. i've been on mood stabalizers too long to have any sort of sex drive. cydniey just wants some lesbo friends. ={

doc left the garage door open today and there was a mass cat escape. i just got vader in. he was the last of them. somehow bagira got his big fatness up on the wall and was walking around. leeloo stayed in the garage and teased milo.

it's starting to get dark here. it was a warm day, but i'm gearing up for hot. i certainly hope that Red is okay with me not wearing pants, because i don't plan to all summer. i remember last summer. and now that i've been exiled for all my smoking to the outside, pants are going to be optional in a month. what i'm really waiting for is the wind to warm up. i don't mind the breezes, but i prefer the warm ones that make you feel like you're standing in a giant hair dryer to the ones that make me scurry in here and grab my sweatshirt. i shouldn't complain. it's still cold where kelli is. doesn't stop me from rubbing it in when i call her, but we should feel some empathy for her. just as i feel empathy for you if it's cold where you are. move to the bloody desert, fool!