April 20th, 2013

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o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oh . . . there is stuff and things and none of it matters and it's fun

Red went out last night. doc and i sat and talked about many things. money, mainly. i forgot i had to pay Warped, my fabulous webhost. and i told him i needed to and he was perfectly cool with it. he said he understood that i wouldn't have rent and still had bills to pay and there was no problem with it. he's going to take me down to get food stamps, if i qualify. that will help out a lot.

but he's harping on a medicare shrink. shrinks out here don't usually take medicare because they don't get paid. the ones that do . . . i've told you the horror stories. whatever. i'll do as he asks. at this point, really, anything to save money. i can just get a doc that will write me the scripts i need without charging me $90 (and that's after my co-pay). if i have an issue i can always go into hospital and get my meds re-evaluated. i'm zen with that.

so kelli supposedly came home from her business trip last night. i tried to call but no one was home. she's at work today, if her schedule is right. i can't call until tomorrow. and i have to remember to call her early. when she goes out of town, it's like a little vacation for her. and i can appreciate that, but not being able to call her sucks. i need a fucking hobby.

Red was looking at pictures of my jewelry and commenting on how much more money i could make by not selling the stuff on ebay. she told me i just gave the stuff away. which i kind of did. but no one on ebay is willing to spend money. they all want the big bargain, and that isn't what my jewelry was about. and all they do is bitch and whine and the postage is too much and it smelled like smoke and i don't want to mess up your perfect feedback, but . . . it was all a bunch of bullshit.

and etsy, don't get me started. i didn't have the photography skills to compete on etsy. and now i don't have the pricey materials. i don't work with sterling silver, unless i have to because it is expensive. i would love to work with stones and sterling, but i can only put out so much money. Red has kind of inspired me to go look at my beading stuff and see if anything strikes me.

i told doc last night it was cute watching him be smitten with Red. and that it had mellowed out a bit. but it was still fun to watch them flirt back and forth (which was a bold faced lie, it makes me feel like shit). i told him i didn't care what happened between them, but if she hurt him, i would knife her. he's my best male friend, and i will not watch someone hurt him. luckily, he is immune to feminine wiles. and he is not easily manipulated. he is empathetic and sympathetic and nice and will go out of his way to help someone. he deserves the best.

vader is nuts today, again. he is chasing anything that moves. the other cats are not appreciative.

i got a jury duty questionnaire yesterday. doc told me i should answer all the questions randomly. it's simple, i'm crazy, i can't be on a jury. i'll fill out the form and mail it back and if they call me to jury duty i'll get a note from a doctor to get me out of it. kelli recently served and she told me of the day long oddessy and there is no way i could do it. and that's just the waiting part. the court part scares the shit out of me. i'm no one to judge, i can't tell reality from fantasy, i would suck as a juror.
2013, cyd, new

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