April 19th, 2013

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time to go hug a cat

woke up at three to a harrowing tale of doc's waking up to, "the police are outside" from Red. the guy had just pulled over to do some paperwork. but it got doc's endorphins going. he didn't make it to work on time. he went in at 5. so i get some quiet time.

i don't mind the new noise. Red talks almost all the time. doc talks to her a lot. i sit and listen. do my thing. but it's rarely ever quiet.

did i mention i took a hookah bath? smoked hookah while in a steaming hot bubble bath. oh my lordy it was amazing. i came out and went right to sleep. curled up on the couch with felix.

yesterday, Red took a picture of me and milo staring at a slideshow of my jewelry on the laptop. i'll see if she'll email it to me and i'll post it on twitter.

i know i still haven't posted a picture of my ring she gave me, but i can't figure out the best light to get the stone in. it looks clear black, but in the right light, it glints red. once the sun comes out i'll go out and play with the light and see if i can get a photo i'm satisfied with.

all the cats are . . . away. simon came out for a few minutes after i scolded him for fucking with the blinds in our room. (i have come to accept the room is not "mine", it is mine and simon's) he sucked up to me for a little while and then disappeared again. lelu came out to eat, then got sucked into the cat ether as well. lazy beasts, the sun is up, time to harass me and spend time with me before the day starts and they all scatter.

vader is a crazy nutball. this cat is out of control cute and demonic at the same time. he goes nuts when he hears the can opener. enough said. last night, while i prepped their food, he jumped up on the sink right next to me and put his paw on my shoulder. scared the shite out of me. after dinner i spent some time with him and finally got him calmed down and went out to have a smoke. i sat down right at the screen door where howler was laying and started talking to him. all the cats came up to the screen to see what was up. heartwarming as it was, it was a recipe for disaster.

doc, a little tipsy and just plain silly from Red harassing him, started playing with the can opener. vader jumped up from the chair, jumped over it and ran to the kitchen. this was a catalyst for felix to freak out on howler, which started a small, furry riot at the screen door.

then Red picked up a flask to fling at doc, who picked up vader and shielded himself. she saw vader at the last moment and her throwing trajectory went up and the flask hit him right in the head so he tossed vader at her. she caught vader, i threatened to beat doc with a stick, the neighbors laughed and chaos broke out.

there's lelu, at the door, wanting to go out. 50 degrees, up yours, kitty cat. and there's howler going to eat.

Red is a genius. if you have a lot of cats this is the litter box solution for you: take one of those plastic storage bins, you know the kind, green, deep, with a lid you can discard. fill it half way with litter. introduce the cats to it. over night, peeing problems stopped here. and it's easy to scoop frequently.

howler has zeroed in on me. time to go hug a cat.
2013, cyd, new

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