April 10th, 2013

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brushing simon

yesterday was the first day of my "girl time", so i spent most of the day smoking in the kitchen. Red watched netflix on the laptop and doc slept. i also slept a lot.

Red has a matte comb, and with it, doc was able to get the tangles out of freddie's back without me having to cut it. yay! i need to take that thing to simon. he'll be happy about that, oh yeah.

howler's in my lap, so i have to type by memory, this is hard. i can't see the keyboard at all. but he's purring.

i should go brush simon, he is really looking ratty. i think i'll do that. i just happen to know where he is right now.
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on the animals

i brushed simon. he was most unhappy, bit the brush a few times. but he looks gooooooood. and i got a lot of fur off of him. that will make him feel better. he's curled back up on the couch where he was when i abducted him to the bathroom for the brushing. like nothing happened and he wasn't ready to kill me five minutes ago. he's mellowing.

the thing i'm not looking forward to is giving him a bath. he's been cleaning himself with his horrid breath for so long, he smells like it. i've checked him out and there is no sign of abscess or infection. he just has really bad breath. i'll get it checked out by the vet when we take him in for his shots, but i'm not as concerned about it as i am about giving that hellcat a bath. he is going to chew my arm off. i can already see it. i'll wait until later this week when it's in the 80s. i can't have any help because he hates everyone but me.

the cats are all scattered around asleep. vader, i noticed today, is getting big. he's growing into his paws, which are huge. sure, the shelter said he was two, but no, he was nine months old when we got him. and he's growing like a baby elephant.

i had to put felix's expandable collar on bagira. he's getting fatter since being here. all he does is sleep and eat. he gets no excersise except when vader chases him. which is maybe once a day. vader isn't doing his job. he doesn't have to chase felix, he gets enough of a workout outside, but he does need to chase bagira. ork some of that fat off that tubby cat.

freddie has finally started coming out into the living room when the dog is around. it took longer than i thought it would, but she was out romping around last night while milo slept at Red's feet.
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she's changing things

Red is moving things around. changing the way we do things. i guess i'm okay with that. i don't really have a choice. doc is okay with it all. she's moving his stuff, too, which i never dared to do. and he's fine. the cats are scared.

i've mentioned i don't like change. i'll mention it again. i don't like change. she's putting everything in a different place. as long as she doesn't touch my computers and stuff. i'm not zen with her moving my stuff, not like doc is. i'm not zen with ANYone moving my stuff.

so, i've been watching Absolutely Fabulous all day. season three. i was going to watch NCIS, but it's on TV. doc is out shopping for Red.

i think i'll have some shrimp for lunch. doc got me a big bag of frozen popcorn shrimp. i love those things. or maybe tuna. definitely fish of some sort.

time to go out and sit in the sun for 20 minutes.