April 9th, 2013

2013, cyd, new

oh yeah, this is the computer that gives me the big white screen

there is nothing like fresh hot coffee. i don't mind nuking it, but the taste of a fresh brewed cup is fucking fabulous. i know this because i just made a pot.

doc and Red are still messing with the ipod crap. jesus.

it's still cold today, and windy as all get out but the sun is out. so that's something. the cats still don't want to go out in the wind, though. bunch of babies. what if we had snow? they'd never go bop-bop. felix is looking out the window wistfully but i can't get him near the back door. scaredy cat.

this computer desk is boring. i need to spend more time on this computer and dress this desk up a little. at least make it useful. besides the keyboards and mice, there is a microphone and a USB stick stand. oh, and a tape dispenser. the shelves just have random computer shite on them. nothing in order.

ooh, i just remembered i need to go out to the garage and find a power cable for my stereo. i saw S brought over more speakers. so that's taken care of. just need to find power. like kelli said, we never throw anything out, it's got to be here.
2013, cyd, new

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