April 8th, 2013

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2013, cyd, new

it rained today!

and it is COLD outside. cold for me. Red has had the back door open all day. i'm freezing. i'm huddled in front of my space heater. i won't even go outside to smoke. hell, the cats won't even go outside.

doc bought a truck. he and Red are out going for a ride in it right now. they've been messing with trying to get our music collection into her ipod piece of shit all day. no luck. she doesn't have an itunes account, and figures that might be what the problem is. i'm not getting involved. i-anything is evil to me.

so it rained really hard for about a half an hour today and B had put a lot of bullshit into Red's head about monsoons here and flooding (which is funny because B lives on top of a hill) and she was all freaked out. i was totally calm, just a little rain storm. and a lot of wind. milo was scare, but i don't know much milo isn't scared of.

i can't stop taking pictures of him, though. i try to take pictures of the cats and they walk toward the camera and make it impossible unless they are asleep. milo runs from me and then hides, so he holds still enough to take photos of. and he is SO photogenic. he's so beautiful and his eyes are so expressive. i can't help myself.

Red does all my stuff around the house. i've been sleeping a lot. she cleans the kitchen, sweeps the porch, makes brita, makes coffee. i still vacuum. i told her i like to do that and want to keep doing it. all my other chores, she is free to do.

the dog collar i got was murphy's. i'm so happy about that. murphy loved me. i'm still wearing it. S was flattered. he and J left today. we said our final goodbyes. we've been friends for like 12 years. i wish them good fortune. and i'm glad S sold his truck to doc.
2013, cyd, new

stuff about the cats and things

Red gave me the most beautiful ring. i'll take a picture and tweet it later. she was tired of it. it fits my thumb on my right hand. which is cool, since i only had one ring on my right hand. and there is symmetry, the two rings on my left hand are bands with designs carved into them and the two on my right have stones in them. so it looks kind of nice.

i'm losing weight again. i'm glad. if i can get rid of this muffin top, i will be happy.

why are the cats skidding into the empty food bowl? i could go check that out, but no.

now they're skidding into the full food dish. weirdos.

i'm tired, but i told doc i'd stay up until midnight and get him up. oog. we need another alarm clock. then i could set it and nap. we had two but one hit the floor so often it broke. it still tells time, the alarm just doesn't work.

simon is talking in his sleep. well, it's kind of a grunting mew. it's funny.

freddie has started grunting. first she started snoring, then she started grunting. she still doesn't meow. she hisses and growls, but no meow. the grunting is cute, though. though i am a bit concerned about her breathing since this is rather sudden. i think i'll have doc take her to the vet, since he has the truck now.

vader got out and made doc chase him around the yard in the dark (black cat) for 15 minutes.

now freddie's up on my lap. she still isn't coming out while the dog is around, though she will go bop-bop while the dog is out. though mostly she doesn't run around like usual, she sticks close to my side. i swear she's gotten more affectionate since milo got here, if that is at all possible. did i mention her back end waddles when she walks now? and i have to groom her back because she can't reach it. she isn't THAT fat, she just has a short body and legs and neck, so what fat she has she can't reach around.