April 7th, 2013

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early in the morning

i accidentally gave Red a contact high last night. and she doesn't do drugs. once we figured out why she felt so weird, i felt so bad. i NEVER want to get anyone or anything high that doesn't want to be. this is MY thing, i don't want to inflict it on anyone else. so i'll be smoking outside from now on. i feel so bad.

doc's friends, the boys, are moving away this week and they adopted out their two dogs, connor and murphy. i was really hoping we could adopt one of them, i loved those dogs. doc brought me home one of their dog collars, which i promptly put on and am still wearing. i don't know if it's connor's or murphy's but i don't care. i loved them both.

milo is slowly warming up to me. he will drink water in front of me now. he still won't come up to me, still too stressed out from being in a harsh environment and then doggy jail. he sleeps all the time. he's not eating regularly yet. but at least he's going to the bathroom, marking up the yard, and has dug himself a nice hole in the dirt to lay in outside when we're on the patio. which is a LOT.

we all stuff our own cigarettes, and i figured it out, it costs $26 for 3 cartons worth of cigarettes. so we share our tobacco and tubes. when one of us goes in to roll a cigarette, we roll two or three, depending on who's home. it's all very amiable. Red is an easy person to like.
2013, cyd, new

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2013, cyd, new

i feel like i slept all day

and i actually didn't. i just spent a lot of it on the patio. i finished the weeding and Red did the rest of the raking. the yard looks great. for a grass spattered dirt pit. doc is going to try and grow grass back there this year.

i'm totally in love with my rose bushes, as my tweets will attest. and the rose pictures i posted we're only a third of the ones i had. it was hard to choose which one. they are of three bushes. one with mini red roses, one with giant red roses and one with regular sized yellow roses. the bushes need to be pruned, but i have no idea how to do it. i looked it up online and i'm more confused than when i started.

i think doc is buying a truck. i'm not sure. hopefully. it would be nice to get around. it would be nice for the three of us to be able to go somewhere at once.

we got our truck started, but it ran out of gas before the battery could charge. oy.

there is nothing on tv on sunday nights. i don't watch Mad Men, and it's only an hour anyway. i need something that will fill up a big block of my time.

i think i'll go smoke a cigarette.