April 4th, 2013

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the sunrise was gorgeous this morning. worth getting up for

i went to bed at one thirty and got up at four thirty. am. i feel great, though. i watched the sunrise with the cats outside. i took some pictures, but they didn't turn out very nice.

milo treed howler yesterday. it was the funniest thing. Red was all concerned and asked if it was okay that howler was in the tree and i just started laughing. so howler went out before milo got up this morning.

speaking of milo, last night he carried the cat's wet food dish into the dining room and proceeded to eat at his leisure. i couldn't stop laughing and poor Red is trying to discipline him and i'm just rolling around on the couch. we have to get a dresser or buffet for the kitchen to put the cat's food up on. added bonus of storage.

the icicle lights outside last night were fabulous. we all sat out in the glow. the best thing is that doc's chair faces away from them so he doesn't have to look at them and get a headache.

Red will be awake in the next hour or so. doc will be home around noon. little girl and lelu are already hiding. the boys are all out sleeping bravely in the middle of the floor. milo just wants them to love him. he loves cats and knows not to fuck with them. his chasing howler yesterday was all in good fun. howler doesn't know if he sees it that way.

i'm slowly but surely emptying and clearing off the memory sticks so i can transfer video to the other machine and burn it finally. ih, wait, there's no burner on that machine. shite. okay, i need to go torrent a burning program. the two i have don't work with windows 7. did i ever mention that windows 7 sucks? i think i did.
2013, cyd, new

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